Introducing the Neighbourhood Plan

May 29, 2014

As part of our obligations to the NP, we have set up a way of sharing information and asking for your feedback on the Neighbourhood Plan.

The main information page for Membury’s Neighbourhood Plan can be found via the menu on the homepage (it’s under Parish Council) or by clicking here.

This is the first blog post about the Neighbourhood Plan, and we intend to post more information on this blog over the coming months and years, and the posts will be an opportunity for the Neighbourhood Plan team to share information and respond to questions and for members of the parish to raise issues to the Neighbourhood Plan team.


One comment

  1. It is important that everyone – be they 10 or 100 years old – are able to have their say on what they want to see in OUR Neighbourhood Plan. This Plan will have the law behind it and will be in place until 2030 – so everyone will be affected.
    Please use this blog, or email to “memburyplan@gmail.com” or contact one of the Steering Group [names in the Update or Minutes on this page] – or just see me or leave a message in my pigeon hole at The Post Office.
    Hope to see you at the Exhibition & Consultation in the Village Hall on Friday 20th June between 3pm and 7.30pm or on the Saturday (21st June) between 9.00am and 1pm.
    Alex Tasker

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