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20/3/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

 Happy Equinox, everyone!

 Exactly a year ago, on 20th March 2020 I sent out my first message announcing the formation of the Membury Support Group. Since then A lot of water has flowed under the bridge – and in fact the entire bridge has been removed due to the amount of water flowing under it! Fortunately, Beckford Bridge is due to go back into service at the end of April, even if there are a few finishing touches left undone by then.
As we near the end of what we all hope will be the final lockdown I’m going to remove the support group details from the header of the emails – but rest assured if things change again for the worse, or if you find yourself in difficulties there’ll always be someone available to help you. Just reply to the email.

100 Club – and the winners are …
£25 Jon and Cherry Wells (who only bought their ticket yesterday!
£10 Richard and Molly Barrell
£5 Jan Bissinger

The Big Bang Theory
If you heard a loud bang at about 3pm you are not alone – it was heard many miles away. Suggestions included a sonic boom, a meteorite and an earthquake, but it seems that it was the Royal Navy blowing up a suspicious object on a beach between Charmouth and Lyme Regis. It turned out to be phosphorous flare. Of course that story might have been a cover for aliens landing …

Bird Boxes
I now have 7 takers for bird boxes. Any more for any more?
I also now have a very generous donor prepared to pay for the wood.
What I need now is a volunteer with a table saw in a workshop to cut up the wood for me, and someone to help with the assembly.

Devon County Council Update

Wild East Devon March News

East Devon District Council Coronavirus Update

Learn Devon new courses starting after Easter
All these courses are free. Visit https://www.learndevon.co.uk/ to sign up. I did the 6 week course on digital photo editing a few weeks ago – it was great, and worked really well over zoom.

Topics include:

  • Art and craft
  • Wellbeing and mindfulness
  • Creative writing and poetry
  • Modern foreign languages
  • Digital skills and IT
  • Learning for work
  • English
  • Maths
  • Courses for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities
  • Family learning

St John Baptist then and now
More images from Carey in Rock. The top postcard image dates from 1905.
church then and now

18/3/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

 Fish and chips – final call
Don’t forget that the fish and chip van will be making its monthly call to the Village Hall car park this Saturday (20th). Get you order in to Jill 01404 881641, 07710849984 or jill-folletts@outlook.com.
Don’t forget that the price is now £6 per portion.

100 Club
If you haven’t already got your ticket for the 100 club there’s still time before the next draw on March 20th. To be in with a chance of winning £25, £10 or £5 simply pay a visit (and a tenner!) to David Neill who lives at Hope Cottage – behind the village hall, or pay by BACS (Membury Merrymakers 30-90-37, 01560859), and send him an email to helenanddavidneill@icloud.com

Bird boxes
A few weeks ago I asked if anyone is interested in a free bird nesting box, and I had only one response. If anyone else is keen either to receive one or to help make them please let me know. In Otterford they gave away 32, and they’ve got a waiting list for more. They are also now doing bee houses as well – again, let me know if you are interested. Now is the time to get a box up in your garden!

And while we are in the garden …
Ena Power heard her first chiffchaff this morning, a day later than last year, and we saw our first brimstone butterfly of the year the day before yesterday. If you see something that looks like a flying daffodil – it’s probably a brimstone!

Yarcombe Young Farmers
yarcombe ducks

Simnel cake
Margaret Gudenian from Yarcombe makes this Simnel cake every year.

For the cake you will need:

6oz butter;
6oz caster sugar;
3 large eggs (beaten);
8oz sultanas;
6oz currants;
the grated rind of one small orange and one small lemon;
2oz glacé cherries (rinsed and dried first then cut into quarters);
2oz chopped candied peel;
one level teaspoon of baking powder;
1 heaped teaspoon of mixed spice;
8oz plain flour;
3 tablespoons of milk.

For the topping and filling you will need:

12oz ground almonds;
12oz icing sugar (sieved);
3 large egg yolks;
2 teaspoons of lemon juice;
1 teaspoon almond essence;
2 tablespoons of sherry or brandy;
1 dessertspoon apricot jam;
1 small egg (beaten).

You will also need an 8 inch cake tin, brushed with melted fat, then lined with greaseproof paper (also brushed with melted fat).
Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 2/300°F/150°C.

Begin by creaming the butter in a mixing bowl, then adding the sugar and beating until the mixture is light, pale and fluffy. Now in another bowl beat up the eggs and add them a little at a time to the mixture (so as not to curdle it), beating well after each addition. When they are all in, gently fold in the fruits, candied peel and grated rinds with a metal spoon. Now sift the flour with the baking powder and mixed spice and carefully fold in to the mixture alternately with the milk (again with a metal spoon). Do not stir or beat. Simply fold lightly until all the flour and milk has been incorporated. Then spoon half the cake mixture into the prepared tin. The rest should be left until you have made the almond paste. To make the paste combine the ground almonds with the sieved icing sugar in a clean bowl and mix well together. In a jug mix the three egg yolks with the lemon juice and almond essence, stir this into the almond and icing sugar, pour in the sherry or brandy and knead it to a stiff paste. Take one third of the paste (put the rest in a plastic bag in the fridge) and roll it out, giving it quarter-turns as you roll to form a round about 8 inches in diameter. Fit this circle over the mixture inthe tin – very gently! – and spoon the rest of the cake mixture over it. Level it out, pop it into the centre ofthe oven and bake for two and a half to three hours or until the centre is firm and springy to the touch. Let the cake cool in the tin for 15 minutes before turning it out onto a wire rack to cool. When cool brush the top with a little warm jam. Roll out the remaining almond paste and cut out an 8 inch circle by using the inverted cake tin on top, and fit this to the top of the cake. Level it out with a rolling pin and press it securely all round. Then, with a knife, make a criss-cross diamond pattern on the surface. Now make up 11 little (apostle) balls – or 12 if you want to include Judas – with the trimmings from the almond paste. Brush the top of the cake with beaten egg, fix the apostles all round and brush them with beaten egg as well. Finally place the whole cake under a hot grill until the almond paste turns a nice, golden, toasted colour.

River Cottage Supper Club
£20 per person. Order via the internet by noon on Friday 19th, for collection on Saturday.

  • Organic mushroom, onion & roast garlic soup with fennel focaccia
  • Organic River Cottage beef goulash with English haricot beans and tarragon OR
    Beetroot & yellow pea tagine, fresh mint, coriander and preserved lemon
  • Crushed potatoes with wild garlic
  • Spicy roast parsnip & swede with coriander & mint
  • Kale and roast celeriac with tamari seeds
  • Lemon, thyme & rhubarb posset with oaty crumble

15/3/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Do you know who this might be?
A lady from Membury recently bought a garden table and single bench from Roy Oaten in Axminster.
She asked him to make another bench seat. Sadly he didn’t keep her contact details.
She was in a grey long wheelbase hi-top and van….
If she can be contacted please ask her to contact Roy on 07498873202.

Does anyone know a reliable dishwasher engineer?
John Confrey has a dishwasher that won’t stop draining. If you know anyone who can help him please email johnconfrey63@gmail.com

Fish and Chips
Once again the fish and chip van will be making its monthly call to the Village Hall car park this Saturday (20th). Get your order in to Jill 01404 881641, 07710849984 or jill-folletts@outlook.com.
Don’t forget that the price is now £6 per portion.

Axminster Country Market
Axminster Country Market will planning the reopening of the market, following the enforced closure during lockdown, at a meeting this coming Thursday at 10am in the Masonic Hall, South Street, Axminster.
The market urgently needs at least one new cook, (good home cook , not master chef) and craft people, as well as producers of flowers and home grown plants. In order to survive the members of the co -operative need to share the duties of running the market. These include setting up on a rota system, clearing up after closing, committee members who will include a chairman, secretary and assistant treasurer as the current treasurer would appreciate some help with the monthly reconciliation. Producers are expected to attend market to man stalls and tills. Occasionally one has to “dump and run, “but there are no paid helpers, so regular attendance is required. Whilst volunteer helpers are most welcome, the idea is to make some profit from a hobby or skill. It is a great way to make friends too.
Commission to cover rent insurance and other overheads is paid on sales, so no sales no cost to the producer.
For further info look up Axminster Country Market Facebook, or
Country-markets.co.uk, or call Patricia Bruzon on 01404881725.
There is lots of help advice and experience available if you are interested in joining.
Patricia has just retired from market, which she joined when she moved to Membury, after being prompted by her next door neighbour. It was the right time to hang up her apron after 18 years, but it has been extremely rewarding, great fun and something she would have never considered doing without being prompted.

The Gamekeeper’s Table
Find them on Facebook – they are a Honiton based supplier of fantastic venison. We’ve had a couple of orders from them – beautifully packaged and absolutely delicious. This week they are upgrading their boxes for 2 4 and 6 people. Ring them on 07983 572699 if you don’t do Facebook. They’ll deliver free if you order a box for four or more.

Box for 2 £15
6 venison sausage
2 venison steaks
500g minced venison
500g diced venison

Box for 4 £30
12 venison sausage
6 venison steaks
500g minced venison
500g diced venison

Box for 6 £45
18 venison sausage
6 venison steaks
1Kg minced venison
1Kg diced venison

Jurassic wood fired pizzas in Axminster
Back on Thursday in Market Square serving from 5(ish). Last week they sold out quickly. Where possible please message via Facebook to give them a head start – but this is not essential.
jurassic pizza

Amazon Smile has now donated £205.66 to ARC. If you use Amazon you can easily elect for a proportion of the money you spend to go to your nominated charity – it costs you nothing but can make a difference!

Scam time
Trading Standards have issued a warning, after receiving reports from victims who claim to have been contacted by someone purporting to be from the authority, and acting on behalf of the Office of National Statistics.
The caller suggested that the individual’s Census form was completed incorrectly, and they had to pay a fine. The caller asked for basic identification details, which they said was to confirm the Census record, and the individual’s bank details, so they could process the fine.
The Office of National Statistics are aware of similar scams in other parts of the country where money has been taken from an individual’s bank account. The Office of National Statistics have warned that they would never ask for this type of personal information.
You will only be contacted about the Census by letter – never text or phone.
When filling in the Census you will be asked for personal information such as your date of birth, your occupation and where you live. You will never be asked to provide your national insurance number or financial details.
If you wish to report attempted Scams go to www.actionfraud.police.uk

Devon County Council update
Your vote is safe in the Devon County Council elections – taking place on Thursday 6th May, volunteers needed and more information about standing to be a Devon County Councillor

Wild garlic
March marks the start of the wild garlic season. All the white snowdrops are gone, and we are in the middle of the yellow season with daffodils and primroses everywhere. We’ll shortly be entering the blue and white season with the spikes of wild garlic in the roadside verges and bluebells in the woods.
The leaves of the wild garlic are already in evidence, waiting to be picked and turned into wild garlic pesto, wild garlic butter, or used in salads and stir-frys.
To make pesto, rinse and chop 150g wild garlic leaves. Blitz them to a paste with 50g parmesan, the zest of half a lemon, a couple of cloves of garlic and 50g of toasted pine nuts (or walnuts if you can’t get pine nuts). With the motor running dribble in 150ml rapeseed (or olive) oil. Add seasoning and a little lemon juice if it needs it. Put it into a jar, and top with a little more oil. It’ll keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks.

Here’s a stunning sunset taken by Sandra Little a while ago
sandra sunset

11/3/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Mothering Sunday
Mothering Sunday is this Sunday 14th March. Membury church is open from 10.00 a.m. until 4.00p.m. and there will be posies left inside for anyone to go and have a bunch. Please help yourself …

Beckford Bridge
Liz Kurton, the engineer in charge of the bridge has replied to the note I sent her, pointing out that it was due to reopen in three days …
“Apologies for the delay, I’ve been hoping to get a revised programme from the contractor so I could give you a better idea of extent of works.
As is probably obvious if you’ve been down to site, we will not be finished by 14th March – but we are back on site again now. I’m in the process of extending the closure again to end of April, I really hope by this point that we will be able to have the road open, even if there’s still works to do on the surrounding banks etc, but am yet to receive a revised programme so I cannot be certain at this stage. It’s taken a little while to get the closure extension sorted to work it around all the other closures, particularly since it looks like there’s going to be night closures on the A35 from 6th April.
With regard to site – we have now installed the extension pieces to the abutments and pier so are now looking to crack on with getting the main deck on, there’s a little bit of scaffolding work to be done but we should be lifting in the deck steel soon.”

Devon and Cornwall Police
Neighbourhood Watch Network is supporting Sussex’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, who, in partnership with the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), has created an online survey designed to understand the public’s perception of dog theft, enforcement, and the prosecution of offenders.
The survey includes a question seeking views on whether dogs should be treated in law merely as property when they are stolen. Having a common understanding of how the public feels about this issue will help inform discussions that PCCs and NWN will have nationally, as well as allow police forces to better understand the public’s views.
Please note that the survey closes on Friday12th March. Link to survey is here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/dogtheft

Census 2021
From the 3rd March digital first households (89% of all households) will be provided with their household access code for the electronic questionnaire. The census pack will replicate the messaging on the front of the paper questionnaire and will provide help options – including how to request a paper questionnaire. There will be answers to common questions and information on how to complete the form. The other 11% of households will soon start to receive their paper questionnaires.
The Office for National Statistics is working to make Census 2021 the most accessible census yet. Listed below are some of the routes we have developed to ensure everybody can participate.
The Contact Centre
The contact centre is a vital source of public support. It offers help over the phone, via web chat and SMS text message, and through the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website. Anyone can get in touch with the contact centre to order paper household questionnaires, individual questionnaires, Large Print questionnaires or continuation forms. Call handlers will be trained to answer a wide range of general census queries. The contact centre goes live on 1 March 2021. There will be separate lines for England and Wales, plus a language helpline, text relay and short text numbers (see below for more details).
Census Support Centres
Census Support Centres will provide face to face help (COVID permitting) for anyone who needs support completing their questionnaire online. They will provide access to the internet and to technology, such as computers and tablets, for those able to complete it independently. They’ll also provide practical support
and guidance on the questionnaire for those who need it. Census Support Centres will be conveniently located in places where local people go as part of their daily routines, such as libraries and community centres. Members of the public will be able to use an online postcode lookup tool to find their nearest Census Support Centre.
Language Support
Information about language support will be available on the language pages of our website.
Products to inform
Members of the public will have access to a range of products to inform in many languages:

  • Specialist engagement products in 19 languages
  • Campaigns products in around 30 languages

Language helpline
Any member of the public can call the language helpline to ask questions about the census via an interpreter (subject to availability). If interpretation is not immediately available in their language, people can book an appointment to speak to someone at a later time.
Guidance booklets
Guidance booklets will be available in 49 languages in England and 19 languages in Wales. These booklets contain information about what the census is and why it is important. They also translate the questions in the household questionnaire, and the privacy notice. Guidance booklets will be available to download from the language pages on our website or ordered via the contact centre.
Alternative Formats and Guidance
Paper Questionnaire
Paper questionnaires can be obtained by members of the public via the following routes:

  • calling the contact centre and selecting self-serve. The voice recognition system will ask them to quote a 10-digit number. This can be found on the top right of the initial contact letter they will have received in the post.
  • calling the contact centre and speaking to an adviser, who can order them a questionnaire.
  • requesting a questionnaire through our online help page.
  • census field officers will also be carrying paper questionnaires during non-response follow-up.

Electronic Questionnaire
The Electronic Questionnaire is compatible with most assistive technologies. This means that people using supportive software such as screen readers or magnifying technology should find the Electronic Questionnaire compatible with their programme. You can read more about the accessibility of our website by visiting https://census.gov.uk/accessibility
Online Help page
The Online Help page on our website covers important topics such as why we ask certain census questions and what they mean. This text should be accessible to anyone with a reading age of 8 or above.
Videos with BSL, Audio and Subtitles
We have produced accessible videos with BSL, audio and subtitles, working with the Royal Association for Deaf People. These include translations of the pack that people will receive in the post when they are invited to complete the census – the initial contact letter, information leaflet and Privacy Notice – as well as translations of the questions from the online questionnaire and a thank-you video for completing the questionnaire. These will be available once the census is live.
Text Relay
People with speech and/or audio impairments can use a text relay prefix when calling our contact centre. Text relay offers text-to-speech and speech-to-text translation services. Simply dial 18001 before the number of the contact centre, which will become available soon.
Web chat guidance
Web chat guidance is available for use online and could be useful for those who prefer to communicate in writing. This will be available once the census is live.
Easy Read
An Easy Read information leaflet about the census can be ordered after 1st March 2021.
A braille guidance booklet, including information about the census and a braille translation of the household paper questionnaire, can be ordered from the contact centre. This will be available after 1st March 2021.
Large Print (16pt)
A Large Print paper questionnaire pack including a guidance leaflet, Privacy Notice and return envelope can be ordered from the contact centre. This will be available after 1st March 2021.

Somewhere …
Sandra Little captured a great image of a double rainbow this afternoon.

10/3/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Membury Parish Council
Membury Parish Council is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: MPC’s Zoom Meeting
Time: Mar 17, 2021 7:00 PM London
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 921 6511 9895
Passcode: 491984
One tap mobile
+442080806592,,92165119895#,,,,*491984# United Kingdom
+443300885830,,92165119895#,,,,*491984# United Kingdom
Dial by your location
+44 208 080 6592 United Kingdom
+44 330 088 5830 United Kingdom
+44 131 460 1196 United Kingdom
+44 203 481 5237 United Kingdom
+44 203 481 5240 United Kingdom
+44 203 901 7895 United Kingdom
+44 208 080 6591 United Kingdom
Meeting ID: 921 6511 9895
Passcode: 491984
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/acAF7CsqOX
Please call the clerk on 01297 24009 if you are having any problems logging in

  1. Welcome by the Chairman:
  2. Apologies for Absence:
  3. Declarations of Interest under the Code of Conduct: Councillors are reminded of the need to declare any interests either at this stage of the meeting, or as soon as they become aware of the interest. The reason for the declaration must be given, and whether it is a personal or pecuniary interest; any actions they intend to take when the item is being dealt with
  4. Planning:

Applications to be discussed at this meeting:
21/0371/FUL | Waterloo Cottage Membury Axminster EX13 7AJ | Change of use from a field to residential garden, retention of new water borehole and pump house, log cabin office, private sewage treatment system and access drive/parking area
21/0606/FUL | Trebblehayes Farm Membury Axminster EX13 7UA | Erection of roof canopy over existing silage clamp
21/0607/FUL & 21/0608/FUL | Twist Farm Brinscombe Lane Membury Axminster EX13 7JY | Erection of roof canopy over existing silage clamp
21/0406/FUL | Combe Bank Membury Axminster EX13 7AG | Erect two storey extension and extend balcony area
The following applications have received their decision from EDDC:
20/2791/FUL | Challenger Farm Membury Axminster EX13 7JT | Erection of silage clamp: Approval with conditions
20/2849/FUL | Bay Tree House Membury Axminster EX13 7AF | Construction of carport and store: Approval – standard time limit
21/0250/AGR | Challenger Farm Membury Axminster EX13 7JT | Agricultural storage building: Agr Notification approval
Date of the next Parish Council meeting: 6th April 2021

Want to get tested?
The Devon County Council Covid-19 Community lateral flow test minibus is situated in the West Street car park every Wednesday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Appointments available to book on the Devon County Council website. devon.cc/testing, or come and see as a walk-in.

Tuckers Arms Takeaways
Available 10th – 13th March. Call 01404 881342 and collect 24 hours later. All main courses £8, and £4 for the pudding.

  • Antipasti for one
  • Tuscan salmon bake
  • Thai green chicken curry
  • Steak and ale short crust pastry pie
  • Vegan vegetable samosas
  • Toffee apple crumble and custard

Help – Looking to move into Membury !
Suzie McFadzean writes …
My mother is looking to buy in Membury – ideally a 3 bedroom property, detached, secure garden (for dog), garage – She is a cash buyer, no chain and ready to move ……So if you are thinking about selling please get in touch with me on 07484 163 901 or mrsmacspics@gmail.com

8/3/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

So what can we do from today?
8 march rules

Lateral Flow Testing
As you may have heard on the news all adults in households with school age pupils are being encouraged to do a lateral flow test twice a week to catch positive cases. For those that wish to do this you can order them following this link https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests

A clear out at Lea Hill
Susan Avis is clearing out their barn and finding ancient stuff unused for decades. Amongst this, is a set of wine making equipment and if anyone in the village is interested in taking it off her hands she’d be very pleased
She is also looking for an occasional cleaner for theirr cottages at Lea Hill for a few specific Fridays this summer.
Contact her via <reception@leahill.co.uk> or 01404 881881

Met office yellow warning of wind
Strong winds accompanied by heavy and blustery showers may bring some disruption to England and Wales between 21:00 (UTC) on Wed 10 Mar 2021 and 15:00 (UTC) on Thu 11 Mar 2021

East Devon District Council
Read the latest residents update here https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/UKEDDC/bulletins/2c4720b

Devon County Council
Read the latest update here https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/UKDEVONCC/bulletins/2c513c7
And find out everything you need to know about restarting school

Mercury error
There’s always one! Apologies to long suffering readers, but it has been pointed out that the Mercury e-mail in the notice inside the front page re: Postal Mercuries is the old one. If you know of anyone who has recently left the village, and might like a Mercury by post, could you please let them know that any requests should be sent to mbrymcry@gmail.com. Thanks for your help!

Fancy a bounce?
Janet Andrew has a small ‘exercise trampoline’ that is looking for a home – it is 38″ in diameter and just 9″ high. Call her on 01404 881177.

Kings Arms Update
With schools going back today it feels as though we are returning to some kind of normal. We just can’t wait until pubs can reopen next month as well!!
As ever, there’s a Thai takeaway for Wednesday, fish and chips and burgers on Friday and Sunday Roasts.
With Mothers Day this Sunday 14th March we are expecting to be busy, so please book your collection slot early to avoid disappointment. Why not treat your Mum (or yourself) to our Homemade Triple Chocolate Brownie with salted caramel sauce for dessert, because we all deserve a treat to end the week!
Contact them on 01404 881686

Rock of Ages
Carey Swarbrick has supplied 2 pictures of Rock taken over 100 years apart.
rock pics


2/3/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

From the NHS website:
You can book your vaccination appointments online if any of the following apply:

  • you are aged 60 or over
  • you have previously received a letter saying you are at high risk from coronavirus (clinically extremely vulnerable)
  • you are an eligible frontline health worker
  • you are an eligible frontline social care worker
  • you get Carer’s Allowance

Livestock worrying
You are responsible for your dog. Livestock worrying is a crime and livestock that are chased or attacked by dogs are frequently killed or injured. This has a financial and emotional impact on all concerned and can affect the livestock long after the incident has taken place. Action may be taken against you and your dog.
Please ensure responsible dog ownership. Dogs should not be unaccompanied outside of the home and their behaviour should be managed at all times. On access land your dog MUST be on a lead between the 1st of March and 31st July and at all times when livestock is present.

  • Enjoy the countryside but keep your dog on a lead if livestock is present. Release your dog if chased by cattle.
  • Livestock worrying taking place at the time is considered an emergency dial 999 and explain there is a dog attacking livestock with a precise location.
  • Livestock owners can advise dog walkers by giving clear notices advising of the presence of livestock, Location of footpaths and appropriate fencing.
  • Email 101@dc.police.uk if livestock has been chased or attacked and the dogs have left the location.
  • Farmers have the right to protect their livestock. Ensure you are aware of the legislation and your legal responsibilities.

Here in Membury, a local farmer has placed signs on the public footpaths reminding people to keep their dogs on a lead, particularly as lambing season is here.
Also, a reminder that sadly there is no dog poo fairy…….. please clean up after your dog, especially on footpaths through the village and on private property.
sheep worrying

Cotley Inn, Wambrook
The Cotley Inn is offering wood fired pizzas for collection tomorrow (Wednesday) evening. They’ll then be offering them every Friday and Saturday for the foreseeable future.

Please email contact@cotleyinnwambrook.co.uk or call 0146062348. Please indicate which pizza(s) you would like and a preferred collection time (between 5pm & 7pm) and your name and contact number. Unfortunately the weekend special won’t be available until Friday – and this weekend is fully booked already.
pickled pony

Suzie’s Spot
A medley of images from Suzie McFadzean. If you want that lockdown haircut captured for posterity, and something to remind your children and grandchildren that you still exist book a session with her and her camera!


26/2/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Well, I haven’t managed to keep off my computer for long – having decided to aim for a weekly newsletter I find myself with a message to go out straight away – and news of our eagle.

Prescription Collection
Further to the message yesterday, I am reliably informed that Morton’s Pharmacy in Axminster will deliver to Membury every Wednesday, and this is easy to organise with a phone call to the surgery, and a phone call to Morton’s. You can reach them on 01297 32115. They are open until 6pm most days.

News from Wambrook
Wambrook Zoom Bingo Night, SATURDAY 27TH FEB 7.00pm
Prizes for a line and full house. Family fun, invite your friends
Go to Wambrook Church Website
follow the instructions to download your playing cards and make a small donation to the Church.
All are welcome!!

News from on high
Phantom the sea eagle aka G463 flew up into the Somerset Levels in early February, before returning to its favoured areas between 8th and 10th. It then headed to the Dorset coast near Bridport, before heading north-east through Somerset and then Wiltshire. It has continued on roughly the same north-easterly track since, and is now in Cambridgeshire, no doubt influenced by the strong south-westerly winds we have had recently. G463 is not the only one on the move at present – the spring weather has really got them going!

If life brings you lemons …
Grow a lemon tree in your conservatory, like Angela and Ken Stride have done. What’s the secret? Tomorite!

25/2/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or memburysg@gmail.com

As we slowly begin to rouse ourselves from the enforced hibernation of the last few months the need for updates like this every few days has diminished, as has the amount of useful fresh material. From now on, unless there is anything important to communicate, these messages will be limited to one a week. Let me take this opportunity to thank you all for the contributions I’ve received over the last 12 months or so and I hope this has been a useful exercise.

Prescription Collection
Today was the last official Thursday pick up from the surgery. From now on you have three options.

  • If you are shielding, or don’t have access to a vehicle, we’ll still collect for you on an ad-hoc basis.
  • If you wish to set up an on-line service and have your repeat prescriptions delivered by post, but have been reluctant so far, please call the helpline for help and advice
  • If you don’t wish to set up a postal service, there’s always the option of a trip into Axminster!

Church opening times
Our village church will be opening Wednesday & Sunday as usual, but from 9:30am – 4pm. No news yet about resuming services, but rest assured, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Stockland web site
Stockland has a brand new website – take a look at https://stocklandvillage.co.uk/ and see what our neighbours are up to.

Kings Arms, Stockland
The Kings Arms are still doing their excellent Sunday roasts, Wednesday Thai nights and fish and chip Fridays. Ring them on 01404 881686 or visit them on Facebook here.
You will also be delighted to know that they are planning to reopen for al-fresco dining and drinking from 12th April.


A message from young Mr Mackinder

Andy Mackinder who lived in Furley until Autumn 2019, and is now studying at Exeter College (HND in Computing) has a message
Hi Everyone! – I’m working on a project for college and as part of it I need to do some primary research about self-driving cars. I’ve made a little survey on google forms which will only take a couple minutes, you don’t have to if you don’t want to but it would be greatly appreciated. Click here for the survey

Devon County Council
Notes on the roadmap out of lockdown. Read it here

Villages in Action
Sherlock in Homes
Don your deerstalker, grab your notepad and boil your kettle! It’s time to Zoom in to a murder mystery from your own home.
Expect high wires and even higher stakes as you play detective and attempt to unmask a murderer in this Victorian case of dastardly behaviour at The Bearded Lady’s Circus Of Wonders. Join us to see if you can crack the case!
We have teamed up with Sharp Teeth Theatre to bring this unique show, played out on Zoom, to audiences in Cornwall and Devon. Packed with dramatic twists and turns that unfold online, the fun theatrical experience invites the audience to help solve the case by turning detective, whilst pitting their wits against some of the UK’s most talented improvisers.
Book a ticket for Sherlock in Homes – pay what you like £8 to £14 per family.
We’re very excited to be able to offer a fun online experience whilst we’re unable to deliver our usual live shows in village halls. By booking a ticket, you’ll be supporting Carn to Cove as well as signing up for an evening of great entertainment. We hope to see you there!
sherlock in homes

Moor Meadows
We are delighted that Plantlife’s meadow expert Matt Pitts is giving an online talk for us on 25th March at 7.30pm:
How to Create a Meadow
Matt is Plantlife’s very experienced meadows specialist who advises landowners and farmers on the best ways to create and manage meadows. He will guide us through the steps of meadow creation, restoration and management. The talk is primarily for those who have a field or paddock and would like a wildflower meadow plus those who already have one and would like to know a lot more – everything from finding out about key soil requirements for successful meadow restoration to learning about positive indicator plants. This talk will also appeal to anyone wanting to know how to turn their lawn into a flowering meadow as the methods are similar. Retired farmer Philip Hamley of Lethytep will be joining the talk to discuss how he successfully restored several fields to stunning wildflower meadows using green hay. Matt will also outline how wildflower meadows could fit into the new Environmental Land Management Scheme, which will be of interest to landowners and farmers.
The talk is free but you will need to register. A Question & Answer session will follow so attendees can quiz Matt and Philip.
REGISTER HERE: https://createameadow.eventbrite.co.uk

Axminster Drama Club
Axminster Drama Club will be bringing some much needed sparkle and shine to The Guildhall on December 17th and 18th, as we present our 2021 production of “Nativity the Musical”.
If you would like to be involved in this production, either on or off the stage, then please contact our Director, Sara Norrington-Leat, at axminsterdramaclubsecretary@gmail.com.

20/2/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

100 Club
The February winners, drawn today, are as follows:
£25 J Williets
£10 L Lavender
£5 A Mackinder
Congratulations to them all. We now have exactly 100 members. Don’t forget that David Neill is still eager for your money – pop round the back of the village hall to Hope Cottage and hand over your dosh. Next month, it could be YOOOO!

We haven’t had much demand for our prescription collection service recently, so we’ve decided to abandon the regular Thursday collections. Next week (25th) will be the last one. Alasdair and Kim have collected over 500 prescriptions since march last year – so from all of us it’s a big thank you to our drug mules. From the week after if you are shielding, or can’t get out due to the weather, please ring the helpline and we’ll find someone who can help you out.

From the Mercury team
Thanks to all those who have contributed to the new “Who’s who” column in the Mercury. We have enough to give it a really good start, with some over, so if your contribution doesn’t appear in this issue, please don’t feel left out – it will be in the next issue! We hope to make this a long-running series, perhaps even a historical snapshot of the population of Membury in the early 2020s, so if you haven’t contributed yet, give it some thought, even if you’ve lived here since the last century. Just some facts: who you are, where you live, where you came from, what you do/ did, and what you do or would like to do in the village community. We look forward to hearing from you.

Census 2021
One of our parishioners, whom I shall refer to as Layman Census to protect her anonymity is helping organise this once-in-a-decade event that takes place on March 21st. More information about this will follow as the day draws nearer.

I inadvertently left out the advertisement for Mike Walsh, and the Furley Cottages ad I published yesterday contained an error in the email address. The correct address is info@furleycottages.com
Ad 2021 Furley Cottages
Ad 2021 Mike Walsh

Axminster Medical Practice
We have now gone live with our new online consultation service which replaces eConsult. It is SO much simpler to fill out so please do give it a go if you need to contact us.
We really think it is easier for most people than waiting on hold to speak to a receptionist, but would love to hear your feedback. As always, if you do not have access to the internet or find it difficult to use a computer or smartphone you can call reception instead.
You can access the new form from our website the same way as you would have done with eConsult.

East Devon District Council
Residents coronavirus update

Devon County Council
Coronavirus Response Update

Old Dairy Kitchen at Trill
A great meal from their pantry at £20 for two people – we had this last week and it was delicious. Find them online here or ring them on 07999 923089

  • Cullen skink – A rich and creamy smoked fish soup from Chris’ native Scotland.
  • Aromatic beef tagine – Slow-cooked Haye Farm beef in a lightly spiced sauce and plenty of chickpeas.
  • Coconut rice pudding With baked apples and cinnamon.
  • ODK country loaf
  • Runner bean pickle

Greek Mezze Feast for collection or delivery Friday 26 February 2021

  • Sesame buns & taramasalata
  • Feta, black olive, parsley and chickpea salad
  • Salted walnut and roast onion baklava
  • Squid, oregano and orzo
  • Haye Farm lamb souvlaki and tzatziki
  • Potato, preserved lemon and winter greens
  • Blood orange pie “portokalopita” with thickened yoghurt and poached oranges

19/2/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or memburysg@gmail.com

Membury Mercury Advertisers

Everyone who advertises in the Membury Mercury will now get a mention once a month here, on Facebook and on the village website. Please support our advertisers if you can – they are supporting the wonderful Membury Mercury, edited by Molly and Richard Barrell, designed by Jakki Henderson, proofread by Jenny and Mike Beaman and due to land on your doorsteps in a couple of weeks.

If you, or anybody you know would like to advertise in the Mercury please contact me to discuss our very competitive rates.

202102 Ads1
202102 Ads2

202102 Ads3

202102 Ads4

17/2/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or memburysg@gmail.com

Yet more rain. There’s another warning for the South West, but we are a little to the East of the affected area.

Fish and Chips reminder
Don’t forget to contact Jill to order your fish and chips for Saturday.
The van will be in the car park from 6pm. As usual it’s £6 per portion and orders must be placed in advance with Jill on 01404 881641, 07710849984 or jill-folletts@outlook.com.
There will be a collection for the RD&E who have recently looked after at least two of our villagers.

Have your say on the East Devon Local Plan
New Local Plan – tell us what you want
We don’t want to see East Devon ruined by ugly development scarring our landscape, trees and hedgerows pulled down and our wildlife destroyed. Do you agree?
We don’t want to see new homes built in East Devon which are poor quality and look like those built everywhere else. Homes that don’t meet the needs of local people, are remote from jobs and services, aren’t affordable and are inefficient to heat and run are not what East Devon needs. Do you agree?
Help us to make sure that we deliver homes and communities that you want to live in and protect what you value about East Devon’s environment.
Public feedback is essential to help us produce our new Local Plan. If we don’t get your input now then we won’t be able to deliver the East Devon you want in the future. That is why we are asking you to read our Issues and Options report and fill in our questionnaire.
The consultation will close on 15th March 2021.

Tuckers Takeaways
Collect from the Tuckers Arms, Dalwood, 01404 881342
Sunday roasts £10 (turkey, belly of pork, silverside of beef, Brie beetroot and pesto cobbler). Chocolate bread and butter pudding with custard £4.
Wednesday – Saturday all main courses £8, pudding £4.

  • Duck Penang curry
  • King prawn biryani
  • Pot baked chicken enchiladas
  • Steak and ale pie
  • Vegan banana blossom and blistered red pepper enchiladas
  • Chocolate bread and butter pudding with custard

Wine by the Fire Night – Saturday 6 March
Join us for a ‘lockdown’ Saturday night at home tasting a bottle of fizz, a bottle of red wine and white wine with local wine merchant Paddy Magill from Vine Wine.   The virtual event will be based on ‘Zoom’ with IT help for anyone who needs it. This event will be fun, informative and help with future wine purchases wherever you shop. Three bottles of wine will be delivered in a box to your home with tasting notes and a Zoom help guide.
All you have to do is email fundraising@cotley.co.uk to register for the event and pay £35 by 2 March.

Yarty Gardening Club news – reprinted from the Yarcombe newsletter
February gardening tips from Pauline Bartlett
February can be a difficult month for the gardener as the weather can be quite unpredictable from one year to the next. In 2018, the ‘Beast from the East’ brought severe winter weather during the last week of February, in what was the coldest period for a number of years. However, in 2019, February was the hottest on record for the UK, with daily maximum temperatures the highest since records began in 1910. February 2020 was the wettest February on record; so, what will this year bring? As I write this, the garden is emerging from a sustained period of cold weather, with hard frosts in the morning which lingered throughout the day in some frost pockets. Gardeners’ spend lots of time and energy during autumn months preparing their plot against the ravages of winter weather, but as I wandered around, taking pictures of the familiar trees and borders made beautiful by the coating of hoar frost, it started me thinking about the benefits of winter weather to our gardens.
Snow and hard frost are naturally characteristic of the winter months.  Typically, in the UK, there may be between 7 and 10 nights per winter month where the temperatures are below freezing. Frost can actually benefit some plants.Parsnips should never be dug before a decent frost, because the cold turns the starch in them into sugar. And the sugar makes them much more delicious. This is one reason why parsnips used to be fed to working horses in winter. Turnips and swedes are two more root vegetables that are best left in the ground until they have been exposed to frost – after which they will taste even better in your warming winter stews.
Most winter brassicas such as, Kale and Cabbage, are not afraid of the cold; although extremely hard weather will do some mechanical damage to their outer leaves. Brussels Sprouts will taste sweeter after exposed to some frost. Leeks can look very sorry for themselves on a cold morning, but they are pretty tough. Just wait for the frost to melt before harvesting them.
Frosts can also disrupt pest and disease cycles and improve soil structure – when moisture within soil freezes, it expands, and splits open soil particles. This makes the soil easier to work in the spring.
Deciduous fruit trees benefit from winter chilling. If an apple tree doesn’t get enough ‘chill hours’ (between 0 and 6C) the flower buds may not open at all or they may open late in the spring. Blossoms may also bloom at irregular intervals and, although this might seem beneficial, the longer the bloom time, the increased likelihood that the tree will be exposed to disease. A very mild winter will therefore affect fruit production.  Blackcurrants, blueberries, plums and cherries also need this period of chilling before they start to grow in spring. A cold winter ensures that buds burst rapidly in the spring and flower together, when pollinators are abundant.
Snow helps preserve moisture in the soil during winter and provides water to the soil as it melts in the spring. Because of the ‘fluffy’ structure of snowflakes a lot of air is trapped, and this acts as a very effective insulator. This insulation effect also helps protect perennials, bulbs, ground covers, and strawberry plantings from alternating freezing and thawing cycles. If the snow keeps the soil from freezing, roots will continue to grow and earthworms and bacteria in the soil continue to turn garden debris into beneficial compost. If we do get snow this year remember to:

  • Shake excess snow from the branches of small trees, shrubs and hedges, to prevent them from becoming disfigured by the weight.
  • Use string to support conifer branches and stop them being pulled out of shape. Branches that move away from the main plant won’t spring back into place when the snow melts.
  • Remove heavy deposits of snow from the roofs of greenhouses to prevent the structures from bending under the weight and to allow maximum light to the plants growing inside.
  • Try to avoid walking on snow-covered grass as it will damage the turf beneath and leave marks on the lawn.
  • Don’t forget to put out fresh water for birds each day during frosty weather.

There are still a few jobs that you can be getting on with if the weather is not so cold:

  • Pot up some lily bulbs for early flowers indoors.
  • Clean out bird boxes ready for the season ahead. Do this in the middle of the day so that birds, like wrens, can use the boxes for overnight roosting.
  • Prune overwintering pelargoniums to stop them becoming leggy. Make cuttings from suitable prunings.
  • Check plants in the greenhouse for early greenfly & wipe off with damp tissue or fingers.
  • Make new sowings of broad beans if not done last month and sow some winter salad leaves (mizuna, winter lettuce, rocket) and carrots in tubs.
  • Prune winter flowering deciduous shrubs like viburnum, mahonia & jasmine as flowers go over.
  • Cut back any remaining dead stems on perennials. Cut off any tatty leaves left on evergreen perennials before the new season’s growth starts. Tread carefully if the borders are full of emerging spring bulbs. The tidy up will attract birds who will eat pest larvae & slug eggs that have overwintered in the soil.
  • Late winter is a good time to prune most roses. Cut back all stems of shrub roses by a third. Established shrub roses will fare best if a few of the oldest stems are thinned out to improve light & airflow. Snip off any old leaves and pick up any fallen ones to reduce risk of blackspot.
  • Check for slugs and snails – under stones, pots, sheet mulches on empty beds or any piles of debris in the garden. Remove the adults and dispose of any eggs on the bird table.

If you are a Yarty Gardening Club member, don’t forget to take advantage of the golden club voucher to get composts and mulches at a discounted rate with free delivery from Brimsmore in February. We are always happy to welcome new members; see our website yartygardeningclub.co.uk for details.

Wild East Devon
Read their latest newsletter here

Pedants corner
That grumpy fellow I’ll refer to as Sandy Video to protect his anonymity pointed out to me that, according to PewsNews 14/2, the vicar’s Roman history is a bit awry…..Claudius was emperor in AD41. By AD247, which is when this Valentine story is supposed to take place, Phillip was nominally Emperor but in truth by then it was a case of whomever the army decided! But let’s not spoil a good story!

Suzie’s Spot
This week Suzie offers us a picture of the filthy-footed George!

14/2/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Local Flood Warning
It has rained very heavily in Membury today, and the forecast is for more. Lots more. Richard Challis – flood warden – has cleared the sump and the drains at lower levels but would advise people to make ready their barriers if their property is in the zone that might flood. There is a lot more rain in the forecast for next week, so please stay vigilent.

Axminster Medical Practice
URGENT UPDATE 13th February 2021
If you have already been given an appointment for vaccination please keep it and ignore this post.
In order to accelerate the vaccination programme NHS England have decided that Cohort 5 patients (aged 65-69) should be vaccinated at one of their vaccine centres. Our closest are Westpoint, Exeter or Taunton Racecourse.
If you are aged 65 or over you can book your vaccination now here
All patients in this cohort will also be receiving a letter from the NHS national booking service advising them of this.
At NHS England’s request, AXMINSTER MEDICAL PRACTICE WILL NOT BE CONTACTING YOU TO OFFER AN APPOINTMENT IF YOU ARE AGED 65-69. However, we are still allowed to vaccinate you if you are unable to travel to Exeter or Taunton. You will need to contact us to request a vaccination locally – if this affects you please call reception on 01297 32126.
Axminster Medical Practice will now be moving onto Cohort 6 (those aged 16-64 with underlying health conditions). Please wait for us to contact you.

Shrove Tuesday
When there’s food to be consumed it’s always worth turning to Patricia Bruzon for ideas. I won’t bore you with a recipe for the pancakes themselves – apart from to suggest that if the recipe that you use claims to serve 4, double it, even if there are only 2 of you!
Here are some ideas for fillings – most from Patricia, some from me. If anyone wants to contribute some more suggestions they will be very welcome.
Chocolate cherries
Take some frozen black cherries ( or a can of cherries drained) place in a saucepan with a block of dark chocolate and a good scoop of double or sour cream gently heat till the chocolate is melted and the cherries are heated through. Add a slug of schnapps, or perhaps amaretto or Marsala , stir heat serve.  Great over ice cream too.
Try a marmalade sauce
Just warm up some marmalade add some Cointreau and layer with whipped cream
Cheesecake mixture
Whip some cream cheese such as mascarpone, add double cream and keep whipping till it is thick decide what flavour you fancy e g grated lemon or orange, plus a little of the juice, toasted almonds , chocolate , boozy ( any liqueur) , the permutations are endless.
If you have time to soak some raisins in rum beforehand they would be rather nice mixed in too.
Quantities are unimportant as it all just seems to work.
Mushroom and tomato
Fry up some mushrooms, garlic, cherry tomatoes and a bit of fresh chilli in olive oil for a bit of a spicy alternative. If you eat meat you can add a bit of bacon and possibly even some chopped up black pudding as well.
This is an easy option if you have some frozen rat handy. I tend to make batches when the courgettes are going wild and we can eat then eat it through winter. This works particularly well with thick fluffy American style pancakes.
Maple Syrup and cream
My favourite – simply poured over a stack of thick fluffy pancakes.

Beef for sale
We have some more of our delicious South Devon beef for sale. We have a selection of joints, steaks, mince and stewing meat in packs, about 20k in a pack at £10 per kilo. If this is too much try sharing with family or friends.
Support your local farmers!
For orders/enquiries contact Claudia Pearse  01404881129 / 07525144543

East Devon District Council
Residents update
Business Update

Devon County Council

Yet more food!
Not content with Valentine’s Day and Shrove Tuesday? prepare to celebrate Fish and Chip Saturday on the 20th.
The van will be in the car park from 6pm. As usual it’s £6 per portion and orders must be placed in advance with Jill on 01404 881641, 07710849984 or jill-folletts@outlook.com. Don’t forget that part of the car park is coned off for the repair of the school roof, so parking may be slightly more difficult.
There will be a collection for the RD&E who have recently looked after at least two of our villagers.

Another scam
A villager had a call the other day from a lady calling herself Diana, wanting to come to her home to give her a blood test. The woman said she dealt with the OP’s – Old People!! then said they wanted to find out why she kept falling over. Now this person does have a blood test booked for next week, but she is going to the surgery. The woman said that she was away for 2 weeks holiday then and that’s why she is coming to do the blood tests at the house. Well our suspicious villager has checked this with the surgery and has been told it’s a scam. If you receive a phone call that doesn’t ring true, it’s always a good idea to check everything with the surgery.

This picture was taken by Caroline Hallett on the path that goes up past Membury Follie.

10/2/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Yellow warning of ice and snow
There is a yellow warning in force for us from 00:00 tonight to 11:00 tomorrow.
There is another warning that we are a little to the East of between 21:00 tomorrow and 11:00 Friday.
Overnight temperatures well below zero are expected.
Thank you to those of you that have been salting the worst patches. The road between Clarence Cross and Springfield was pretty slippery today, and there were very icy patches on Butcher’s Hill. I’m also told that there was a lot of black ice on the top road that was resurfaced before Christmas. The drains there have been recently cleared, but apparently there was a lot of standing water. Please take extra care.

Another scam reminder
One of our villagers received an official looking email yesterday from Royal Mail informing him that they had tried to deliver a parcel but he was out.
He clicked on the link to reschedule the delivery and found that you had to pay £3 to reschedule and provide credit card details.
He contacted the Royal Mail office in Axminster this morning and they informed him that it was a scam and that they would never contact you by email or ask you to pay a fee. It’s so easy to get stung by this kind of thing.

Mischievous Monsters
The follow up to Peter the Sock Eater is released today – Xander the Puddle-Jumper.
If you like the Mr Men & Little Miss books, then you’ll love Mischievous Monsters!
Xander hates his job as a Puddle-Jumper because he has no friends. Everyone he works with bullies him because he is different.
One day, he gets some advice – to embrace his difference – and his world changes right in front of his eyes!
A humorous tale of a Mischievous Monster with a serious anti-bullying message that children can really relate to.
Suitable for 3-12 year-olds and written by local author Leigh Conley this will delight your children at half term. Free on Kindle Unlimited or £5.99 in paperback. Click here To order either book in the series, and look out for Piper the pencil-blunter coming soon.

School roof
As you know work has begun on the reroofing of the school. You will be pleased to know that the plans include the refurbishment of the bell tower. I spoke with the surveyor this morning and he outlined the plans – this week the scaffolding goes up, and the following couple of weeks will see the removal of the old roof. He asked me to let him know if there are any issues with noise, and he’ll see what he can do. Please bear in mind the pressure on the village car park while this work is going on.

Parish Council Meeting 17th February 2021

Dear Parish Councillors and Members of the Public,

Councillors are summoned and members of the public are invited to attend the virtual Council Meeting of Membury Parish Council, to be held online on Tuesday 16th February 2021 at 7:30pm to discuss the following matters:


Bec Davey

Clerk to the Council

LOGIN – please follow these instructions:

 Membury Parish Council is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

 Topic: Membury Parish Council’s Zoom Meeting

Time: Feb 16, 2021 7:30 PM London

 Join Zoom Meeting


 Meeting ID: 981 7697 9389

Passcode: 229434

One tap mobile

+19292056099,,98176979389#,,,,*229434# US (New York)

+12532158782,,98176979389#,,,,*229434# US (Tacoma)

 Please call the clerk on 01297 24009 if you are having any problems logging in



  1. Welcome by the Chairman:
  2. Apologies for Absence:
  3. Declarations of Interest under the Code of Conduct: Councillors are reminded of the need to declare any interests either at this stage of the meeting, or as soon as they become aware of the interest. The reason for the declaration must be given, and whether it is a personal or pecuniary interest; any actions they intend to take when the item is being dealt with
  4. Minutes: To adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 12th January 2021 as a true record. These will be signed at the next face to face meeting
  5. County and District Council Reports:
  6. Highways Matters:
  7. Police Report:
  8. Finance: Unless stated otherwise, documents will be signed at the next face to face meeting
  9. To approve the financial statement for January 2021
  10. To consider grant request from Membury Mercury towards production costs
  11. To consider membership of the Blackdown Hills Parish Network and resultant subscription costs – to be paid in the next financial year (recommended subscription of 20-25p per elector (426))
  12. To approve the following payments:

Mrs R Davey                                Clerk’s Salary – January                         BACS £279.74
JJJ Wallace                                   Grass Cutting Contract – February    STO £150.00
BT Group                        Broadband – February             DD        £  32.40
HMRC                                            Clerks’ Tax – January                              BACS    £  70.00
Mrs R Davey                                Bullguard 3 yr Subscription                        BACS    £  49.99

Other payments may arise for payment during the meeting

  1. Planning:

21/0136/FUL & 21/0137/LBC | Forge Cottage Membury Axminster EX13 7AG | Proposed creation of parking layby

20/2849/FUL | Bay Tree House Membury Axminster EX13 7AF | Construction of carport and store

21/0226/FUL | Martins Furley Axminster EX13 7TR |Installation of air sourced heat pump

21/0250/AGR | Challenger Farm Membury Axminster EX13 7JT | Agricultural storage building

21/0152/FUL | Stone Cottage Tolcis Axminster EX13 7JF | Construction of replacement garage/store with annex at the first floor level including balcony and associated hardstanding

20/2713/LBC | Lords Fillet Membury Axminster EX13 7AH | Retention of double-glazing fitted into four windows on the south elevation (two, ground floor (W1 and W2) and two, first floor (W4 and W5) and two windows on the west elevation (W3 ground floor and W6 upper floor)

21/0214/FUL | Green Down House Greendown Axminster EX13 7TD | Demolition of existing outbuilding and construction of an annexe for use as ancillary accommodation to main house, including change of use of part of adjacent paddock to garden and planting of new native hedge

  1. Wall outside the village hall – review quotes:
  2. To agree Road Warden and Chapter 8 Training:
  3. Update from Carbon Footprint Calculator:
  4. Footpaths and Bonds Lane Status Update
  5. Car park verges, and grass strip by wall – Cllr Lazar:
  6. Parish Councillor Reports:
  7. Clerks Report:
  8. Correspondence:
  9. Public Forum:

 Date of the next Parish Council meeting: 6th April 2021

9/2/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Only 10 days left!
Until the second 100 Club draw. You know you meant to get yourself a number before the last draw bit didn’t quite get around to it? Well, now is your opportunity to put things right!
Each number is just £10 per year and you can buy as many as you wish.
Remember ALL the money raised goes to support village activities! You could be the third person to win a prize.
Please pay by BACS to MEMBURY MERRYMAKERS sort code 30-90-37
account number 01560859 adding 100club and your name and initials as a reference, or by cash to David Neill at Hope Cottage (just behind the Village Hall). Monthly prizes of £25, £10 and £5.

It’s very cold ..
We have some words of wisdom from the Met Office Advisor for SW England.
It is expected to stay cold with high windchill through to Friday, and possibly beyond. The cold and bitter winds will continue to blow in from between the southeast and northeast, and will be blustery and often strong at times resulting in big waves at times around east facing coasts/beaches of Isles of Scilly and coasts of south Cornwall, south Devon and Dorset. This morning there has also been an update to the Cold Weather Alert for SW England: staying at Level 3 with a 90% risk, but has now been extended to 1200 on Friday 12 February.
While Wednesday is expected to be mostly dry, with a few snow flurries, although a lot of uncertainty in the forecast for Thursday and Friday, there is a growing signal for a messy mix of rain/sleet/snow/ice. It is a forecast I would recommend you keep up to date with, as it does have the potential to give significant and disruptive wintry weather. Although no weather warnings have been issued for this potential severe weather as of yet, due to so much uncertainty, I will keep you updated as we go through the week, especially if or when any weather warnings are issued.

School children
The school children will be making use of the playing field at lunchtime when the weather permits over the next few weeks while their playground is out of bounds. You are requested to avoid the field during weekday lunchtimes if possible until work at the school is completed.

Blood donation
In case anyone is planning to give blood in the near future, please note that there must be seven clear days between having the vaccine and giving blood.

Axminster Medical Practice
3,192 of our patients have now received their first vaccination (26% patient population).
We have now attempted to contact all patients aged 70 or above, and will shortly be moving onto the 65-69 year old cohort.
There are a significant number of 70-74 year olds that we have called at different times over several days with no reply and so we are unable to get them booked in for the vaccine clinic this Saturday.
HOUSEBOUND PATIENTS – We will be contacting the remaining patients in this group today and they will all be vaccinated by no later than Saturday so you do not need to do anything at this point.
FOR ALL OTHER PATIENTS AGED 70 OR ABOVE – If you have not received your 1st COVID vaccination and do not yet have an appointment, PLEASE NOW CONTACT THE SURGERY ON 01297 32126 TO ARRANGE AN APPOINTMENT.

Rosie of Rock
Rosie Lawton of Inglenook Cottage in Rock is a beginner gardener and is attempting to start from scratch by reusing and recycling as much as possible. She is after any old seed trays that anyone would like to donate or sell her.
Also, she is starting her first border so if anyone has a particular favourite perennial she is also very open to recommendations! She has a pretty sunny, open spot to start. Contact her directly at rosie.lawton17@gmail.com

ARC Quiz
Saturday February 13th 7:30pm  – a zoom quiz with Andrew Moulding as the question setter. Contact admin@arcaxminster.org to register.

Paddleboat Theatre
Something joyous for the family over half-term hols!
Available to watch on demand between 12 – 21 February 2021.
Welcome to the Dream Shop! You are invited to discover the mysteries of Dream Making and to share the secrets of mixing the perfect dream. It’s important work – thousands of dreams are dreamt every single night, and they all have to be made just right. So join Paddleboat Theatre Company in this magical story and discover the joy of being a Dream Maker.
Length: 45 minutes
Recommended for: ages 4+
Interaction moments: children will be encouraged to join in with the story with moments of interaction throughout. This includes making noises, hand movements and a simple science experiment.
Villages in Action, Exeter Phoenix, Beehive Honiton, Crediton Arts Centre, Carn to Cove, Into Bodmin and Endelienta are working together to present this inclusive, interactive online experience that has been made especially so that families can enjoy the story together safely.
Tickets are offered on a pay what you can basis. click here to book

Axminster Musical Theatre
AMT are holding their AGM via Zoom Monday February 22nd 7:30pm
Their next production is Evita, coming in November 2021 if all goes well …
Send them a message via their Facebook group for details

Tuckers Arms
Order 24 hours in advance Wednesday to Saturday. Ring 01404 881342
All dishes £8 each. Blackberry and apple crumble £4 extra.

  • Chinese style belly pork noodles
  • Low fat Sri Lankan chicken curry
  • Shin of beef lasagne
  • Milk poached cod, leek and tartare gratin
  • Vegan Si Lankan pineapple curry

Don’t forget the Valentine Special Tapas!

Suzie’s Spot
Going home to lamb
High Res C Suzanne McFadzean-2

6/2/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

One of our more irascible parishioners whom I will refer to as “Oily Conk” to preserve his anonymity has twice now criticised my spelling of the word “Practise”. If you are referring to what a doctor does, you would say that they practise medicine. You spell the verb form, practise, with an S. However, if you are referring to the doctor’s business, you can use the noun form, practice with a C. I stand corrected.

Picking up newspapers
The school will be in operation at the Village Hall until April from Monday. You are asked to refrain from picking up your paper between 8:45 and 9:00, or swapping jigsaws at around 15:30 when the school day will be finishing.

Happy Birthday Jeremy!
Jeremy Wallace was 70 last Tuesday. Over the years he has contributed more to the village than almost anyone else, including stints as chair of the parish council, and pantomime dame – two almost identical roles.

Beckford Bridge
The end is nigh! According to Devon County Council the road at Beckford Bridge is scheduled to be reopened on March 15th.

Storm Darcy
This is the 2021 version of the Beast from the East, but is unlikely to bring too much snow this far west, although next week is set to get very cold indeed.

Old Dairy Kitchen
Order at least two days in advance on 07999 923089
To see their feasts visit this page. For every feast they sell, they donate 5 portions of soup to Axminster food bank.
Apart from their fortnightly feasts, the ODK is now doing a meal deal at the bargain price of £20 for two people, the selection this week to be collected Saturday 13th is as follows

  • Cullen Skink – A rich and creamy smoked fish soup from Chris’ native Scotland.
  • Aromatic Beef tagine – Slow-cooked Haye Farm beef in a lightly spiced sauce and plenty of chickpeas.
  • Coconut rice pudding with baked apple and cinnamon
  • ODK country loaf
  • Runner bean pickle

Axminster Library
Access over 2 million tracks of classical music, including an exceptionally wide range of standard and rare repertoire, for free with your library card. Click here

Snowdrops and a Celandine
Snapped by Jan in our garden.
yellow and white

5/2/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Yellow warning of Ice
There is a yellow warning of ice in place from midnight tonight until 09:00 tomorrow morning. Take care on the roads and if you are aware of any very icy patches, and you have a salt bin close to you please consider spreading a little to reduce the danger to yourself and others.
Recently, I’ve had reports of a large amount of standing water on the top road to Axminster just south of Park Farm. This has been reported to Highways. If you use this road please take extra care.

East Devon District Council
Read the latest residents update here
Also – Recycling update on small electricals
Some households are still putting small electrical items in their general waste.
Please put your small electrical items in your green recycling box.
These items contain valuable materials which can be recovered and recycled to help the environment and the economy.

South West Water
South West Water have a neighbourhood fund which you can read about here
These are the types of project they are funding

  • Protect nature and the environment for the benefit of community health and well-being
  • Providing new opportunities for people to learn and develop
  • Assisting local projects which bring communities together, virtually or physically – when safe to do so
  • Supporting the upkeep of local neighbourhood centres and facilities to keep communities strong

Moor Meadows
Stephen Moss’ inspiring Why Meadows Matter talk is now available to watch here on the forum: https://forum.moremeadows.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=125
Moor meadows is A community initiative whose members are interested in conserving, restoring and creating wildflower meadows, from a meadow in the garden to many acres in the landscape. Whilst this started on Dartmoor, there is now a Blackdown Hills group on their forum. Joining is free if you are interested. Access their forum here

Go Wild at Home…
The Saving Devon’s Treescapes and Devon Harvest Mouse projects have teamed up to provide a free online training session! Learn about harvest mouse ecology, how they make their beautiful nests and where to look for them! Online on the 11th of February…Book your tickets here.

Last week it was the turn of the birds
Due to COVID restrictions preventing them from running the usual survey in their own gardens, this week the National Trust has launched a garden flower count survey running from Friday 12 – Monday 15 February in private gardens. Access the survey  here

Axminster Food Bank
We are so lucky to continue to receive many generous donations each week, and we are grateful to everyone in the local community and businesses for helping us to help others. Thank you also to all who support us through the Reaching Community Fund.
Here is our list of requirements this week if you are able to help:-

  • Tinned Peas and Carrots.
  • Large & small tins of Potatoes
  • Large Tins of Corned beef and Ham
  • Tinned Fruit
  • Boxes of Tea Bags
  • Jars of Marmalade

We are always grateful to receive Carrier Bags for Life
You can donate food in the Axminster Tesco and Co-Op Stores or directly to the Foodbank.
Foodbank opening hours for collection or donations are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10.00 – 13.00 at the Axminster Health and Wellbeing Centre, Chard Street, Axminster EX13 5DZ. For all enquiries please call 01297 32331 or email info@axminsterwellbeing.com.

Axminster Medical Practise
2,346 of our registered patients have now received at least their 1st COVID vaccination. This is 19.1% of our entire practice population. That compares favourably to the rest of England where 15.5% of the population have received a first jab.
We have a further 675 vaccinations booked in this weekend, facilitated by 22 surgery staff working overtime.
Organising these clinics is very difficult as we often do not know when we will receive our next vaccine batch until a few days before it arrives. Once it arrives we only have 4 days to use it. This gives us a very short window to book patients in and leaves our patients in the dark as to when they can reasonably expect to be called. Hopefully this will improve as the vaccine supply becomes more consistent and we start to receive regular, reliable deliveries.
As always, thank you for understanding the pressure that Axminster Medical Practice is under at the moment. Thank you for the kindness shown to our staff – right now they really do need and deserve it.
I have X condition and am X years old, when will I receive my vaccination?
Unfortunately, we just can’t say. It all depends on how quickly we receive vaccine supply. As soon as we receive a batch, we deliver it to patients and it is all gone in a matter of days. We do not waste any doses. Please do not contact the surgery to ask when you will get an appointment, there is nothing we can do to speed it up, and in fact it may slow us down by taking valuable time away from our administrators to respond. Rest assured that if you are on a priority group, we already know as it is on your medical record, and you will be contacted as soon as you are next in line.
How will I be contacted?
At the moment we are calling patients directly +/- sending a letter in the post. We are likely going to move to sending out text invitations in the next week or so. You will receive a text from AxminsterMP addressed with your name, with a link to an nhs.me or nhs.uk website. On that site you can view all available clinics and book in for a time that suits you. If you do not have a mobile phone, or do not know how to use it, please do not worry. We will still be calling all patients who do not have a mobile or who have not responded to the text invite.
Where will my vaccination take place?
We are running clinics in the surgery and Seaton Hospital. We are unable to give patients a choice.
Which vaccination will I receive?
The simple answer is, it doesn’t matter. They both work. We can’t tell ahead which we will be receiving and we can’t offer patients choice of vaccine.
I am waiting for minor surgery/joint injection/coil etc, when will I be called in?
We have paused minor surgery during lockdown but as soon as we can get back up and running we will be contacting patients to book them in. Joint injections and coils are still running so if you are on the waiting list please just be patient.

Do you know your NHS Number?
If you don’t, but have internet access you can find it using this link
You might need it to make an appointment to have that jab.

And finally
It’s a black and white picture from the orchard at Toehill, courtesy of Iain, Robert and Sophie
black and white

3/2/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or memburysg@gmail.com

Update on missing John Scurr
Sadly, the body of a man has been found by police divers in the River Otter at Weston, near Honiton.
His death is not being treated as suspicious. Formal identification is yet to be carried out.
The family of missing man John Scurr from Honiton have been made aware of the update.

Village Car Park
Work is due to start on re-roofing the school next week, and the contractors will be storing equipment and materials in the village car park behind barriers. The southern end of the village car park (by the siren) will therefore be out of bounds until April 6th, and has been cordoned off.
car park

Big Garden Birdwatch
Haycroft’s readings.
Blackbird                4
Blue tit                   3
Chaffinch                3
Coal tit                   2
Dunnock                3
Goldfinch                6
Great tit                 4
Greenfinch              1
Long tailed tit         2
Robin                     2
Wood pigeon          2
Nuthatch                2
Blackcap                1
Siskin                     3
Crow                      2
Bullfinch                 3
Pheasant                3
Great spotted
woodpecker            2

Clap for Captain Sir Tom Moore
The Prime Minister will lead a national round of applause for the life and inspirational fund-raising work of Captain Sir Tom Moore at 6p.m. tonight.

Have your say at www.eastdevon.gov.uk/newlocalplan

Bay Tree House
Sharon Steadman is creating raised beds and is after some topsoil – can anyone help her out? Email her if you can help, or know someone who can.

Mobile Library
The Mobile library will not be coming to Membury on Fridays for a while yet. Axminster Library will put books together for you if you ring them beforehand (01297 32693) to tell them what sort of books you are after so they can gather them together. They are open from 10-12am on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Please don’t forget to take your Library card with you and please wear a face mask!

Tuckers Take-away
Sunday Roast, ring 01404 881342 to order by Friday, collect Sunday 7th between 11am and 12.30pm. All £10 per person, and served with the usual trimmings including cauliflower cheese! Plum crumble and custard is only an extra £4.

  • Slow roast belly of pork with stuffing and crispy crackling
  • Slow roast silverside of beef
  • Three cheese Wellington

Midweek take away Wednesday to Saturday this week. All £8

  • Crispy Peking duck
  • Low carb grilled jerk chicken breast
  • Slow cooked shin of beef stew
  • Baked crab, smoked salmon and crayfish ravioli
  • Vegan beetroot and lentil curry

Valentines Tapas – collect 12th – 14th £6 each or 4 for £20

  • Trio of breads and oils
  • Garlic king prawns
  • Garlic and rosemary stuffed individual camembert
  • Mini Tuckers belly welly
  • Antipasto board
  • Mixed seafood paella
  • One pot chicken biryani
  • Vegan enchiladas
  • Beef brisket stroganoff
  • Hoi sin duck stir fry
  • Tartiflette
  • Vegan chargrilled pear and roast potato salad
  • Hot chocolate churros
  • Individual fresh blackberry and elderflower trifle
  • Selection of west country cheeses

And Finally, …
Claire and Adrian of Middlemoor, up behind Sandbanks have sent me this beautiful snow drop image. Every day the snowdrops in the village are getting better and better.

2/2/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Special avian edition (with somewhere for them to frolic, and a tree for them to perch on).
Here are some other results of the Big Garden Birdwatch

  Rock Farm Wild Thyme Goodmans Bay Tree House Goddards
Wood pigeon 2 1 2 1 2
Robin 2 3 1 3 2
Blue tit 4   4 6 4
Coal tit 3     2 4
Chaffinch 2       4
Jackdaw 2        
Song thrush 1        
Nuthatch 2   1   2
Great tit 3 1     4
Green woodpecker 1        
Dunnock 2   2   2
Blackbird 2 1 1 5 2
Stock dove 1        
Goldfinch 2     6 4
Long tailed tit 2   2 4 4
Grey wagtail   1      
Pheasant   1     1
Sparrow   2   4  
Wren   1   1 1
Moorhen     2    
Mallard     2    
Crow     1    
Rook     2    
Starling     1 1  
Siskin       3  
Great Spotted Woodpecker       1 1
Marsh tit         1

Otterford Bird Boxes
Otterford Parish Council ran a project last year where they constructed and distributed bird boxes free of charge to parishioners. In the end they made nearly 30 standard boxes, and a few owl boxes. Some were distributed in kit form for families to assemble, and some were distributed ready-made.
This year they plan to make bug hotels and distribute them the same way.
Would Membury be interested in such a scheme? If so we’ll need some volunteers to make the boxes, some to help put them up, and – if possible – someone to donate the wood necessary.
Please let me know if you are interested in a box or can help – it’ll soon be nesting time!

Moor Meadows
Free Zoom talk tomorrow (Wednesday) entitled “Why Meadows Matter, and why we need more of them” by Stephen Moss, one of Britain’s leading nature writers, broadcasters and wildlife television producers who speaks on the loss of wildflower meadows and why we need to recreate this important wildlife habitat. Click here for more information, and to book

At Long Last …
Phantom has been caught on camera. These pictures were published on the Chard and Ilminster U3A Facebook Group. There was no attribution, but the pictures are simply magnificent. They were taken at Chard Reservoir on January 30th. The first picture gives some idea of the size of the beast, pictured as it is with two magpies in attendance.
phantom chard2

phantom chard

Suzie’s Spot
Taken up near Godworthy Farm
suzie tree

1/2/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Help Wanted
Help us brighten up the walls at the Post Office in Axminster town and at the same time raise money for the local food banks.
We would love for all the children in Axminster and surrounding areas to colour / design us a stamp to be displayed on our walls.
For each stamp handed back into The Post Office we will donate 20p to the local food banks (up to £100)
Templates can be picked up in store and we are open:
Mon – Fri   9.00am – 17.30pm
Sat            9.00am – 13.00pm

Butcher’s Lane
Wow. That’s all I can say. If you haven’t experienced the wonderful new surface yet, be prepared for a treat. If all the roads in Membury were like that, punctures would be a thing of the past!

Sewing by Lydia
Lydia Hartnell spends half her time saving lives as a nurse in Bristol, and the other half of her life sewing masks, scrunchies, bibs, headbands and bunting. You can find her range on Etsy here and I’m sure she’ll take on specific commissions as well.

Email phishing
I had an email today purporting to be from a fine upstanding distinguished parishioner.
The email simply read “Hi Daniel, Are you free at the moment? There is something I need your assistance with, send me a quick reply if you are.” Inspecting the email showed that the address it came from was not the one that this person usually uses when they send me an email. I contacted the alleged sender who denied all knowledge. Just be careful

Big Garden Birdwatch
The Symingtons’ knew what they were doing when the landscaped the garden here. Not only did they plant trees and shrubs where the birds could gather with a degree of protection and we could watch from the comfort of the conservatory, but they left us some fantastic feeders from which about a kilo of sunflower hearts a day are eaten (and spilled).
Yesterday we had:
Siskin                6
Goldfinch           18
Blackbird            8
Sparrow             9
Wood pigeon      2
Blue tit              2
Chaffinch           6
Dunnock            4
Greenfinch         8
Great tit             2
Coal tit              1
Collared dove     3
Robin                2
Fieldfare            4
Magpie              1

Tomorrow I’ll publish results from other people if they’d care to share them – I’ve had a couple already.

A recipe from Patricia
Take one egg. Use the volume of the egg as your measure. Or if you break the egg neatly in half, two half egg shells would equate to the measure.
Break the egg into a bowl and add equal measures of sugar, oil and orange juice as per egg measure.
Beat to combine and add self-raising flour. You are not going to measure the flour but you need to add this at the rate of about half a cupful at a time till your dough is ready. The dough must not be sticky but not should it be over dry , it needs to be soft and pliable as you are going to turn pieces of the dough into little rings.
Prepare a sugar syrup with a cup of sugar and a cup of water and boil till it is slightly thickened .
Prepare a pan with at least two inches of oil and when hot enough to fry a little piece of the pastry in so that it floats to the top , reduce the heat slightly and start making little rings of pastry by rolling a piece of dough into a small snake and joining the two ends. Drop into the hot oil and fry , turn over so both sides are nice and brown.
Fry a few at a time. Drain on kitchen towel .
Once they are all cooked dip into the syrup and arrange on a plate.
These can be prepared in twenty minutes so are a great standby if you can’t be bothered to light the oven to make a cake or scones for tea .
You can sprinkle with hundreds and thousands if you want to
For the record the original recipe is for two eggs plus double the rest of the ingredients, but this has been halved out of consideration for your wellbeing because you will want to scoff the lot.

Membury Mercury Deadline
This coming Friday (5th) is the deadline for articles for the Mercury – please send them to mbrymcry@gmail.com as soon as possible. Don’t forget that the editors are looking for short biographies to include in this issue – of newcomers who have recently arrived and from old timers who’ve been here a while.

River Cottage Supper Club
River Cottage is offering interesting meals for £20 per head available for collection every Saturday between 11 and 1pm. Book on their website.
The menu for this Saturday is as follows:
To start

  • Organic roasted crown prince squash, apple & chilli soup with River Cottage organic wholemeal & sunflower seed sourdough
  • Organic River Cottage chunky beef cottage pie topped with cheesy mashed potatoes OR
  • Organic red fox pea, root vegetable & spinach cottage pie topped with cheesy mashed potatoes

Both served with

  • Organic English lentils, pickled veg & green herbs
  • Cabbage, kimchi & spring onion salad
  • Spiced roasted parsnips with coriander

And for pudding

  • Organic sundried apricot & ginger syrup steamed sponge with organic creamy River Cottage yoghurt

Is it curtains for Membury?
Meredith writes: “Before I consign them to charity I was wondering if you knew anyone who is looking for curtains – see below.  There are 4 of them – 2 pairs – each curtain 200cm (6ft 6ins) long, 120cm (4ft) wide 100% cotton fully lined with gathered tops (hooks) made by Laura Ashley. They need a house that is grander than mine! They even have their own tie-backs.”
Contact Meredith directly (Meredithsassonn11@hotmail.com) if you want them.

30/1/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

It’s the last night of the Pantomime
Oh no it isn’t!
Well it was, last year. Here’s to 2022.

Missing person from Honiton
John Scurr was last seen in Honiton on Sunday 24th.
John is described as being a white male, aged in his early 70s, who is often seen in the area wearing a red jacket and red bobble hat.
Heather Penwarden writes: One of our Memory Café friends has been missing now for several days.  The Search & Rescue are out again today but if everyone could pass it on to remain vigilant in their own immediate area that would be very helpful.  Any bits of information no matter how small should be reported to the police on 101 quoting log number 709/27012021

As you might imagine we have a lot of Honiton Memory Café friends and volunteers who are very fond of John and levels of concern amongst them is very high.  He has no local family or any that he has a relationship with so we are his family.

Wildlife Watch activities sheets
You can download loads of brilliant activity sheets to help make masks, for colouring in, to help spotters, and lots of other things here but if its birds identification you are after …

Axminster Medical Practise
We have been working hard to vaccinate patients as soon as we receive vaccine supply. So far 1,690 of our patients have received at least their 1st dose of vaccine (13.8% of our practice population).
Thank you so much to all those who have received your vaccine. So far we have not had a single patient not attend an appointment without good reason, and we have not had to waste any vaccine. Please let us continue this trend and not let any of this precious resource go to waste.
Some patients may start receiving invitations by letter to attend Taunton or Exeter hubs to receive their vaccine, particularly healthcare workers. You are very welcome to take up this opportunity, or wait to be invited to be vaccinated by us. We cannot tell you which wil be quickest. If you do attend the hub for your 1st vaccine you will need to return there for your 2nd.
There have been concerns raised about fraudulent emails offering COVID vaccinations. You will NEVER be asked to share your bank details, and there is NO CHARGE for the COVID vaccine. More information about who to trust is available here: https://www.nhs.uk/…/coronav…/how-you-will-be-contacted/
For those with active mobile numbers on their medical record we may start sending invites by text. The text will be signed by Axminster Medical practice and link to a booking website (AccuRx) where you will just need to confirm your date of birth. Do not worry, if you cannot use or access your mobile, or do not have one, we will still be calling to book you in. Everyone will be offered the COVID vaccination, as soon as we possibly can.
For those waiting to hear about your vaccination – please do not contact us asking how long it will be. Please be patient. We are working as fast as we can and will invite you when you are eligible.

Birds in Winter
Need some helping identifying birds? Dartmoor naturalist John Walters has produced a wonderful ‘Birds in Winter’ Buckfastleigh Wildwatch guide. The guide illustrates some of the birds that can be seen around the town during winter but it’s relevant for our area too.
buckfastleigh birds

East Devon District Council
Read about January lockdown grants for eligible businesses here.

Devon County Council
Latest update

What to do if you get Covid: the early warning signs that your infection may be “code red”.
Dr Mark Porter has written a really useful article for “The Times” which you can read here

More snowdrops
Taken near Chilson Common by Meredith Sassoon. Spectacular, and they’re not even all out yet!
snowdrops meredith

27/1/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Waste Bins
It seems that a number of waste bins in the village were not emptied on Monday due to self-isolating staff. An extra collection will take place this Saturday. If you were affected, can you please make sure you leave your bin out in the usual place.

BBC Lifeline Appeal
This appeal will be broadcast at 1:35 on BBC1 on Sunday.
Ovarian Cancer Action is working towards a world where no woman dies of ovarian cancer.
One woman dies in the UK from ovarian cancer every two hours. While other cancers have achieved major improvements in treatment outcomes, ovarian cancer continues to go unrecognised, underfunded, and misdiagnosed. We’re determined to change that.
Rosie, pictured here, is Patricia Bruzon’s sister. Please donate if you are able to.
Rosie, a retired pharmacist from Hertfordshire, unknowingly inherited the BRCA1 gene mutation from her mum, who died of cancer when Rosie was very young. Her aunt was diagnosed with cancer too, this time ovarian, but it wasn’t until her younger sister was also diagnosed with the disease that Rosie was offered genetic testing.
Within eight months of her sister’s diagnosis, Rosie, her two sisters and her daughter had all tested positive for faulty BRCA genes and been diagnosed with cancer.
Around 15% of cases of ovarian cancer are linked to BRCA mutations – this equates to over 1,000 women a year whose lives could potentially be saved. Yet 75% of people have not heard of BRCA genes.
“If only I had known about testing, then my family and I would have been saved so much pain and heartache and the NHS would have saved a small fortune in treatment costs. Hopefully the next generation will have the advantage of genetic testing and advice.”

Announcement from the Axe Vale Show
It is with great disappointment that, as Chairman of the Axe Vale Show, I must communicate that the Committee does not have a high enough level of confidence to make the necessary preparations and commit to the financial investments required to run this year’s Axe Vale Show.
As a non-profit making charity run entirely by volunteers, we would struggle to remain viable if we committed to a 2021 Show and later had to cancel or restrict numbers due to Covid 19 related guidance. The team voted unanimously to cancel the Show and to retain reserves to stage the next Axe Vale Show in June 2022.
Consequently, the 2021 Show, will not take place. It is with great sadness that we announce this decision and would like to thank all those exhibitors and traders, our many helpers and of course the local population, who have supported the Axe Vale Show for many years. As there will be no Show this year, it is also regrettable that there will be no income that we can provide to support local organisations via our charitable grant process.
But, rest assured, we will be back! The next Show is scheduled for June 18th & 19th 2022.
We thank you for your understanding during these unusual times and hope that our community remains safe and healthy.
Simon Hodges Show Chairman

Floodplain Meadows Talk
Interesting talk coming up by the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) and Plantlife on Thursday 28th January, 5.30 – 7pm. It’s a webinar that will discuss the benefits of floodplain meadows, their management and restoration, and share case studies from farmers who manage and have restored floodplain meadows. Register here

A message from ARC
Join our Quiz master Andrew Moulding for some fun on Sat 13th Feb at 7:30, –
Register via Admin@arcaxminster.org (put Quiz night in subject line)
You don’t ‘pay’ to enter – but I would hope that all participants would make their donation to Arc’s just giving page – details will be given when you join.
The lucky winner will win a 1 hour family photoshoot with local photographer Suzanne McFadzean (to be completed within 12 months)
So register today – and don’t miss out on the fun – Help us to fundraise for ARC AXMINSTER and keep our charity up and running
arc quiz

And now some more seasonal pictures
The ones of Springfield are from Joanna Strong and Suzie McFadzean has contributed the others.
snow 3

And finally …
The Membury Patchwork masterminded and produced by Lydia Hartnell is finished. Thank you to all who contributed!

26/1/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Jam Jars
It’s marmalade season, and there are screw top jam jars available outside the village hall for anyone that wants some.

Holocaust Memorial Day
At 7pm tomorrow the UK HMD event will be streamed here: www.hmd.org.uk/ceremony.
Here is the digital programme for the Ceremony for you to download and follow along on the day.
Our Ceremony will end with a candle lighting moment. As Holocaust and genocide survivors light the commemorative candles on our screens, we are asking you to join in and Light the Darkness with us. Light a candle and place it safely in your window at 8pm on 27 January: to remember those who were murdered for who they were and to stand against hostility in the world today.

Big Garden Birdwatch
Happening this weekend from January 29th to 31st. Peer through a window into your garden for an hour and record all the birds you see. If you want to send your figures to me as well as completing the online entry I’ll publish them next week.
There’s all sorts of stuff going on From Saturday 30 January, 9am on YouTube
Here are just a few highlights.
Saturday 10am Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin, live from their garden in the New Forest.
Sunday 10am Notes on Nature Live with special guests Deborah Meaden, Simon Mayo, Mike Dilger and Brigit Strawbridge Howard.

A message from our friends in Yarcombe
We have taken delivery of a number of bare rooted trees which we would like to get planted as soon as possible, ideally starting tomorrow!  We wondered if there is a strapping youngster, possibly a stuck at home university student who would like some physical exercise digging holes. £10/hour cash.
If anyone is interested please call Debbie on 07752 426700
Grovelands Farm, Yarcombe

Woodland Trust
When you are out and about taking your exercise, see how many of these twigs you spot.

Tuckers Arms Takeaway
I’m not going to publish their entire menu this week – let’s just say that for pudding they’ve got butterscotch bread and butter pudding with custard for four quid. Who can resist it?

 Snowy Images
These ones were contributed by Richard Challis, Jan Lazar and Beth Upchurch. More from Suzie tomorrow
snowy membury1

23/1/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Just a short message today but it’s good news!

Elizabeth van der Byl, after four and a half months in hospital finally returned home to Heath Common today. Welcome back Liz!

And just a couple more pictures, snowdrops from Kerstin Langdon and mimosa from Janet Andrew

22/1/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

100 Club – an update
David Neill will be round to distribute the prize money off to the winners in the next few days. It’ll be in cash if you can remember what cash is! He’ll also be trying to recruit a few more gamblers wishing to risk a shilling or two.

Holocaust Memorial Day
Celebrated on January 27th every year, and for the first time this year it is being streamed live. It is a very moving ceremony that I have been involved with for several years. The ceremony takes place at 7pm, and you are invited to light a candle and display it in your window at 8pm that night. For more information, an to register, click HERE

Membury Mercury:
The copy and photograph deadline for the Spring edition of the Mercury is Friday, February 5th, which gives you just 2 weeks to craft those sparkling articles and lovely pictures depicting news, views and interests, and sending them to the NEW Mercury e-mail: mbrymcry@gmail.com. (Please do not send them to the old one, as it no longer exists.)
Please don’t forget our new “Who’s Who” column to facilitate the acquaintance of  established residents with newcomers to the village, and VICE VERSA. Thank you to those new residents who have so far responded, but we need some complimentary input from established residents, too. Limit it to 300 words, please, but as well as name and house name, you can include where you came from, what you do/did for a living, why you came to Membury, and perhaps why you stayed. Attach a photograph, if you feel it would be useful. We plan to make this just the beginning of a series, so if you can’t get it done before the deadline for this issue, we can include it in a later one, though we would like this feature to get off to a good start, so at least think about it!
Thanking you for your continuing support,
The Mercury team.

Need help paying for fuel?
Citizens Advice are working on behalf of Devon County Council to help Devon residents in need by providing vouchers for fuel costs, top up smart meters online or make payment to online fuel accounts.
Please contact us.
01395 265070
03444 111 444

Snow and Ice
There is a yellow warning of snow and ice in place for tonight and early tomorrow, and another more serious one in place for Sunday all day. It’s going to be a cold weekend. I believe that the road from Star Cross is due to be gritted on Saturday morning which should help, but please take care. If necessary, and if you are able to, please consider spreading grit on the road outside your property. All our grit bins are adequately stocked, but bear in mind that you only need about a tablespoonful per square metre, and the grit is not for use on your own driveway.
The County Council is reminding people of the following advice:

  • Avoid overnight travel unless absolutely essential as roads will always be more hazardous at night with less traffic and colder temperatures;
  • Never assume a road has been salted. Remember that showers or rain will wash salt off roads leaving them prone to ice, and in extreme cold even salting will not stop ice from forming;
  • Allow additional time for your journey;
  • Reduce your speed and leave more space between you and the vehicle in front;
  • Drive with care and according to the conditions.

Who ate all the pies?
It might be you!
Lyme Regis Butchers has a slightly odd deal running at the moment, and is offering free delivery within 20 miles. Buy four pies and pasties for a tenner, and get a free chicken. Go HERE if you are tempted.

Please take note of what to do if you need a prescription from Axminster Medical Practise. Following this system will save unnecessary journeys, and helps the dispensary as well.

  • Order the prescription online or by phone by Friday for collection the following Thursday.
  • Contact the Membury Support Group (memburysg@gmail.com or 01404 819145) and provide your address, date of birth, whether you are isolating and whether or not the prescription contains controlled or refrigerated drugs
  • Pick up your drugs from the village hall from about noon on the following Thursday, unless you are either isolating or expecting controlled drugs. In these circumstances your prescription will be delivered to you.
  • If someone collects your prescription before Thursday, please let the support group know WITHOUT FAIL to avoid a potentially unnecessary trip, and time being wasted at the dispensary looking for something that had already been collected.

Heath Common
One of the residents of Heath Common is having problems with their television set. Since Tuesday, between 5pm and 8am the following morning, their set goes haywire, making it impossible to watch. It is likely that this is due to something faulty in the vicinity emitting electromagnetic radiation. If this is affecting you, or you can shed any light on the problem please contact me.

Axe Vale and District Conservation Society
Read their latest newsletter HERE and if you don’t already do it, consider supporting them

East Devon District Council updates
For Residents
For Businesses

Snowdrops and other things
More topical images for you. Photographs from Lawrence Clarke, Drew Yapp, Sandra Capper and Me. Mike Capper was being apparently being sent to clear the drains


20/1/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

100 Club – First draw results
Thank you to everyone who has bought tickets for Membury’s version of El Gordo. I am delighted to report that we have sold 93 tickets, and if you cannot resist, it’s still not too late to invest and enter the remaining 11 draws.
Today is the first of 12 draws, and over the year we will pay out prize money of £540 and at the same time provide support (you do the maths!) to the Mercury and village projects and activities in these difficult times.
Whilst Covid persists I am using a random number generator to select the numbers, but I hope I am able to revert to a more traditional method by the summer.

The first winners of 2021 are :

£25 FIRST PRIZE       Sue and Paul Nicholson
£10 SECOND PRIZE   Monica and Jim Gallantree
£ 5  THIRD PRIZE      Trina and David Noyes

Congratulations to you all!

Happy birthday Nat!
Today is Natalio Bruzon’s 80th birthday. He’ll be celebrating when he can – until then, we’ll have to make do with a picture of him practising celebrating.

Found dog
The dog found wandering near Yarty yesterday was swiftly identified and reunited with his owner. Thank you to all who helped in the process and who expressed concern for the dog.

Thank you
After her return from hospital, Anne Sheppard wants me to let you know that she really appreciates the kindness that has been shown to her, the flowers and cards, absolutely marvellous.

Butcher’s Lane
Butcher’s Lane will be closed to through traffic from Friday for a week for some serious road patching works. While on the subject of roads, the rusted posts no longer supporting signs on the Greentown Road are due to be replaced, as is the sign at Four Cross with the width limit on it.

A message from the Police and Crime Commissioner
The Devon & Cornwall Office of Police and Crime Commissioner has circulated the following link so members of the public in England and Wales so they can  report suspected Covid-19 breaches to the police.
The received reports are passed onto the appropriate police force.
These links may be useful to inform people as to how Devon and Cornwall Police interpret and recommend people should interpret the rules
Devon & Cornwall Police Covid links and information including the national reporting portal and FAQs
or direct to Devon & Cornwall Police Covid FAQs

Following my request for images of the wonderful snowdrops in the village I have these offerings from John Steadman (Bay Tree House) and Sandra Capper.

Mrs Mac’s Spot
Follow my leader

18/1/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Hurry! Hurry!
Firstly, a big thank you to all who have purchased one or more numbers, but for those of you still thinking about it, there are only two more days to the first 100 Club draw. Remember ALL the money raised goes to support village activities! You could be the first to win a prize.
Please pay by BACS to MEMBURY MERRYMAKERS sort code 30-90-37
account number 01560859 adding 100club and your name and initials as a reference, or by cash to David Neill at Hope Cottage (just behind the Village Hall). Monthly prizes of £25, £10 and £5.

Axminster Medical Practise
There has been some conjecture within the community regarding the roll out of the Coronavirus, Covid-19 vaccine. Firstly, we need to point out that the practice is working 7 days a week to provide the continued GP services alongside the vaccination programme.
The practice has vaccinated a significant percentage of at risk patients using both Pfizer and Oxford/AZ vaccines and we can assure you that there is a programme in place for the immunisation of all over 80s, registered with the AMP, by 23 January 2020.
The government has made its vaccination roll-out priorities clear and AMP are working to these priorities.
The communication method is that the practice will contact you to offer you a vaccination date. Looking at the success and efficiency of this method over the recent months for both the flu vaccine and the more recent Covid-19 vaccine, there is no need to consider changing it. So, people will be contacted; a) in line with the government’s priorities, which are listed below, and b) the availability of the vaccine. The latter is not within the control of AMP.
Please also be aware that the vaccine may not be suitable for people with certain medical conditions.
Be patient and do everything you can to keep yourself and others safe.
Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advises the order of priority for the coronavirus vaccination is:
1. residents in a care home for older adults and their carers
2. all those 80 years of age and over and frontline health and social care workers
3. all those 75 years of age and over
4. all those 70 years of age and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals
5. all those 65 years of age and over
6. all individuals aged 16 years to 64 years with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality
7. all those 60 years of age and over
8. all those 55 years of age and over
9. all those 50 years of age and over

We are expecting a lot of rain between now and Thursday as Storm Christoph batters us. We are planning a test of the siren sometime in the next few weeks one Saturday morning at 9:30. I’ll make sure that you get plenty of warning. For now, please just make sure that your boards (if you have them) or sandbags are ready to deploy, listen to the forecasts, and follow these emails.

Beckford Bridge
From Liz the Engineer …
The current delay to works on site is due to the fact that since we have decided to raise the bridge, the next stage of work here will be installing precast beams to raise the height of the abutments and pier. These need to be designed and constructed off site before they can be installed. We completed the design of these early last week but there is currently a two week lead in time for obtaining reinforcing steel, hence we have asked the contractor to stand down on site for the time being until these beams are nearly ready. Unfortunately, there is little else they can do effectively and efficiently on site at the moment without access over the river, so it makes the most economical sense at this stage to stand down.

The Woodpecker
Eileen Powell writes …
The green woodpecker is working hard as a pest controller. The grub in the picture looks large and quite dark and is probably a leatherjacket (larvae of crane flies / daddy longlegs), which eat plant roots. The birds would also eat chafer larvae which also live in and damage lawns, but these are smaller cream coloured and c-shaped.

If you are quick …
The Coop in West Street is flogging mince pies dates 1st February for 1p per pack!

During our first winter in Membury the sheer quantity and beauty of the snowdrops around the village quite took our breath away. No one has sent me any pictures of snowdrops yet this year …
If you send me a good picture, I promise you immortality on the internet!

A few General reminders
We’ve had several new arrivals in the parish recently – welcome all! – and I get quite a few emails asking where certain information can be found, so I thought I’d put together a bit of a reminder email

Neighbourhood Plan
About a year ago our Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by East Devon District Council, and is now being taken into account when considering all planning applications. This was voted for by a large percentage of the parishioners. If you haven’t seen it, you can find it HERE – or if you prefer you can borrow a printed copy of it – just reply to this email and I’ll get one to you.

Facebook Group
You may wish to join the Membury Support Group Facebook Group. You can find it HERE. It is a closed group, so anything you post can only be seen by other members of the group. We currently have just over 100 members

Totally Local Axminster
A list of all the businesses in Axminster, and how they are serving people during the current lockdown. Find it HERE

The village website
I can’t pretend there is much happening on the village website at the moment – but as rules are relaxed THIS is where you’ll find out what is going on at the hall and what the Merrymakers are up to.

The Parish Council website
The Parish Council has its own website which you can find HERE. Here you can find information about how the council works, council meetings and records of council business, as well as an easy link for reporting potholes and other road anf flooding issues.

Membury Mercury
The next issue is due out at the beginning of March, and contributions are requested by February 5th. Email your offerings to mbrymcry@gmail.com

Fish and chips
Always at the village hall on the third Saturday of the month. £6 per portion, £1 extra for mushy peas or curry sauce. Let Jill know a few days before if you want to order some jill-folletts@outlook.com

Local pubs
Both the Kings Arms in Stockland (01404 881686) and the Tuckers Arms (01404 881342) in Dalwood are providing meals for collection. The Kings Arms is doing meals on Fridays and Sundays, and the Tuckers Arms is doing meals every day apart from Mondays and Tuesdays. You’ll find their menus on Facebook, or on their own websites. I can recommend both.

Other restaurants offering deliveries
The following restaurants are offering free delivery to Membury if the order is over £20 or thereabouts. If you can add to this list, please let me know.
Le Pisani, Axminster Italian/Maltese 01297 631697 or 07809 282760
Cinnamons, Axminster Indian 01297 631 175 or 01297 631 185
Safar, Axminster Indian 01297631607
Old Inn, Kilmington Pizza 01297 32096

16/1/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

A Farewell to Membury
After forty four years of living at Rock house in Membury, sadly, Father Time persuaded us to leave to be closer to our respective families in Hinton St George  and cross over the border into Somerset. I have many, many happy memories of Membury as does Jenny and we would like to take this opportunity of thanking everybody., too many to mention individually, for their companionship and their kindness to us over the many years. A special mention though must go to Nick and Josée, neighbours for over forty years, especially for their enthusiasm at many a New Year’s Eve parties in Rock. What fun they were and going on into the early hours of the morning.

We will miss you all but we may cross the border to check up on you all every now and again. In the meantime, we wish you all good luck and health in Membury

All the very best

Dan and Jenny Jaffé

PS There are two good pubs nearby, the Lord Poulett and the Dinnington Docks. When COVD disappears I could be enticed to meet you at one of them for a tipple.Our phone number is 01460 78696.

Nick Yool adds:
After a particularly “enthusiastic” New Year celebration at Rock House, for some reason we suddenly developed an urgent need to remember what the 7 deadly sins were – probably to work out how many we had broken. We had the bright idea at 3 am of banging on the door of the unfortunate vicar who lived at Rock Cottage up the road to ask him.
A head appeared out of a bedroom window and we were told, remarkably politely, that he was not prepared to discuss the matter at that hour. When Dan eventually surfaced the next day a note had been put through the letterbox – listing the 7 deadly sins!

Guess who now qualifies for the vaccine?
Your correspondent wishes Mike Bell a very happy 80th birthday today. He was one of the first people in the village to give us a proper welcome including scones, and he plays a mean game of bridge.

Green Woodpeckers
From Tony Marsh.
I used to think that the time to see them in the garden was feeding on ants during warm August days, but the enclosed photos taken last Wednesday morning, show that they probe for insects on the lawn through the year. The hint of red on the stripe below the eye suggests that this is a male. It’s hard to see exactly what he’s got in his beak, but he spent half-an-hour probing deeply- as deep as the eye. Any ideas what he is digging for, anyone?

“O! That way madness lies.”
King Lear Prizes is a national creative arts competition for older people during the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest round of the competition has just opened to entries, and is running from January to 19th March 2021.
You may be interested in hearing about the competition, which is specifically for amateurs and beginners who are over the age of 65.
The competition accepts entries in poetry, real stories (short stories from people’s lives), art and musical performance, and there are over £2,000 of prizes on offer. The winners will be picked by our panel of expert judges including Gyles Brandreth and Julian Lloyd Webber.

You can find more on their website which gives more information about the competition and the organisation which runs it! https://www.kinglearprizes.org.uk.

13/1/2021 Membury Support Group lockdown 3.0 update
How to reach us 01404 819145 or

Fish and Chips – Reminder
The fish and chip van will be making its customary monthly visit to the car park this Saturday (16th) at 6pm. Please note that the price has risen to £6 per portion to bring it in line to all surrounding villages – it’s still brilliant value though!
Please order from Jill on 01404 881641, 07710849984 or jill-folletts@outlook.com
Observe the usual queuing rules, wear a mask and wash your hands as soon as you get home.

Who wants to be a millionaire?
This won’t be the last reminder I publish inviting you to get your 100 club ticket ahead of the first draw on the 20th. Each number is £10 for the year
Please pay by BACS to MEMBURY MERRYMAKERS sort code 30-90-37
account number 01560859 adding 100club and your name and initials as a reference, or by cash to David Neill at Hope Cottage (just behind theVillage Hall). Monthly prizes of £25, £10 and £5. If you win the top prize each month it will only take 3,333 years to reach £1,000,000!

Another song for our times
This one was written in 1952 – that is nearly 70 years ago, but it is really rather current!
I got it from Agnes, words and music by Tom Lehrer

I love my friends
And they love me
We’re just as close
As we can be
And just because
We really care
Whatever we get
We share!

I got it from Agnes
She got it from Jim
We all agree it must have been Louise who gave it to him
Now, she got it from Harry, who got it from Marie ·
And everybody knows that Marie —-
Got it from me!

Giles got it from Daphne
She got it from Joan
Who picked it up in County Cork, a-kissin’ the Blarney Stone
Pierre gave it to Sheila, who must have brought it there
He got it from Francois and Jacques, aha! —
Lucky Pierre!

Max got it from Edith Who gets it every spring
She got it from her Daddy, who just gives her everything
She then gave it to Daniel, whose spaniel has it now
Our dentist even got it, and we’re still —-
Wondering how!

But I got it from Agnes
Or maybe it was Sue
Or Millie or Billie or Gillie or Willie, it doesn’t matter who
It might have been at the pub, or at the club, or in the loo
And if you will be my friend, then I might
Mind you, I said “might”
Give it to you!

Milk update
There hasn’t been much demand for regular milk deliveries this time round, so for the moment these won’t be going ahead. If the weather gets drastically worse, or the rules change we may revisit this idea

Like a Bridge
Over troubled water – that’s Beckford. I bring you good news and bad news.
First, the bad news – work is likely to go on until the end of February, or maybe even longer.
Now the good news – The engineer driving the project has decided that build up of debris over the pre Christmas storms was considerably greater than had been anticipated or planned for. As a result, they have decide to raise the level of the bridge by half a metre. This is exactly what we were hoping for, and ought to result in many trouble-free years. Let’s hope the weather over the next few weeks is reasonable to allow good progress. I’ll post progress reports as I get them.

Suzie’s Spot
Mrs Mac is getting a regular slot in the email update from now on!