Agendas and Minutes

Where possible, we have stored an electronic copy of Parish Council agendas and meeting minutes. You can view these from the links below, they are in PDF format which means you will need Adobe’s free PDF Reader available for download from the following link: http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/ if it’s not already installed on your computer.

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January 9th Agenda Minutes
February 27th Agenda Minutes
April 10th (A.P.M.) Agenda Minutes
May 23rd Agenda Minutes
July 4th Agenda Minutes


11 Jan       Agenda  Minutes
1 Mar       Agenda  Minutes
12 Apr (APM)       Agenda  Minutes
24 May (AGM)       Agenda  Minutes
 5 July       Agenda  Minutes
 16 Aug       Agenda  Minutes
 10 Oct  Agenda  Minutes
 29 Nov  Agenda  Minutes

27 Jan                         Agenda Minutes
10 March                    Agenda  Minutes
21 April  (APM)         Agenda  Minutes
21 May  (AGM)         Agenda   Minutes
7 July                           Agenda   Minutes
18 Aug                          Agenda   Minutes
13 Oct                          Agenda    Minutes
26Nov                         Agenda    Minutes

28 Jan                         Agenda  Minutes
18 March                    Agenda Minutes
22 April (APM)           Agenda Minutes
22 April (EGM)          Agenda Minutes  (Extraordinary Mtg)
20 May (AGM)          Agenda  Minutes
8  July                          Agenda  Minutes
19 Aug                          Agenda  Minutes
14 Oct
25 Nov                        Agenda   Minutes

3rd Dec                     Agenda   Minutes 
8th Oct                      Agenda   Minutes 
20th Aug                   Agenda  Minutes 
2nd July                    Agenda  Minutes 
21 May (AGM)         Agenda  Minutes 
27 April(APM)        Agenda   Minutes
19th March              Agenda  Minutes
5th Feb                    Agenda  Minutes

4th Dec                  Agenda   Minutes
26 Oct                    Minutes  
28th Aug               Minutes
3rd  July                Minutes
15th May               (AGM) Minutes
27th March           Minutes
24th April            (APM) Agenda  Minutes
14 Feb                   Minutes


5th December 2011 Agenda Minutes
4th October 2011 Agenda Minutes
16th August 2011 Agenda Minutes
5th July 2011 Agenda Minutes
17th May 2011 Agenda Minutes
19th April 2011 (APM) Agenda Minutes
1st March 2011 Agenda Minutes
17th Jan 2011 Agenda Minutes


29th Nov 2010 Agenda Minutes
11th Oct 2010 Agenda Minutes
17th Aug 2010 Agenda Minutes
18th May 2010 Agenda Minutes
27th April 2010 Agenda Minutes
30th March 2010 Agenda Minutes
16th February 2010 Agenda Minutes
4th January 2010 Agenda Minutes


17th November 2009 Agenda Minutes
29th September 2009 Agenda Minutes
18th August 2009 Agenda Minutes