This page contains information relating to the Parish Council and the village as a whole. Plus, information sent from District and County Councils

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Reports, whitepapers and studies

List of nominated persons for parish councillors for May 7 election. Click here.

Rural Broadband

An open letter to the village from Alex Tasker on 2 Rural Broadband schemes – Jan 2012 (PDF) Click here.

Rural Broadband report Sept 2013. Click here.

Installation of new telephone green cabinet information. Click here.

John Hart answers broadband questions. November 2013.  Click here.

Interactive Broadband installation map. Click here.

email from Graham Long – 040114.  Click here.

Public meeting Upottery 6pm – Feb 7 2014. Click here.

email from Alex Tasker to Graham Long Jan 7 2014. Click here.

email from Graham Long – Jan 10 2014  Click here.

Agenda for Jan 16 meeting in Honiton.  Click here.

Paper submission to TAFF Jan 16. Click here.

Membury Application for Neighbourhood Area.
Membury Publicity Notice: Click here.

Rural mobile Phone Coverage:
A letter from Giles Chichester MEP regarding mobile signal strength. Click here.

Information from Healthwatch using the Devon Community Directory. Click here.

Blackdown Hills Online:
Email requesting entries for the Blackdown Hills website. Click here.

Devon Community Directory
Don’t miss out on this FREE opportunity to promote your local services online, using the new improved Devon Community Directory website www.directory.devon.gov.uk

NHS Stakeholder Letter – 141114  Click here