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Examiners First Report May 2018

Responses to Examiner 11 April 2018

Neighbourhood Plan Annual Report 2017/18

Membury Examiner Procedural Matters and Questions Letter

Membury Neighbourhood Plan Formal Consultation


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    1. Notice of Publication


    1. Legal Compliance Document


  1. Consultation Representation form

Since submitting our Plan to East Devon District Council in November of last year, we have had to add more information to our submission documents detailing which National and District planning clauses each of our policies supports.

This we have done, primarily with the help of Philip Twamley the Neighbourhood Planning Officer for East Devon.

This has necessitated removing the panels in the previous plan where we had defined some of the relevant clauses but not all.

The Plan (available above) has been re-submitted together with the revised Basic Conditions Statement.

If you have any questions or comments then these can be addressed directly to Alex Tasker at tasker.alex@gmail.com who will do his best to respond.

Submission Plan 4.06.01 (Approved by P.C. – Submitted to D.C.)

Pre-submission Neighbourhood Plan version 4.05 August 2017

Strategic Environmental Assessment – Non-Technical Summary

Strategic Environment Assessment Report


Neighbourhood Plan 2017 − 2031 – Version 4.04 – March 2017

APM Neighbourhood Plan Report 2017


NP. Adopted by the Parish Council on 10 Oct 2016.  Click Here

Neighbourhood Plan – Final Consultation Draft:  Click Here.

This is the main home page for the Membury Neighbourhood Plan 2014-2028. It contains some links to reference information, minutes & agendas and there is also a link to the Neighbourhood Plan blogging category to give the Neighbourhood Plan team the ability to disseminate information on the Neighbourhood Plan and the parish members the opportunity to give feedback and ask questions.

Membury Neighbourhood Plan: blog

Neighbourhood Plan Feedback Consultation. Click here (pdf file)
This is the copy used at the Neighbourhood Plan Feedback Consultation. You can read it through and answer the questions at the end – Do you agree with the passages in green under each heading? This is how we as the Steering Group have interpreted the results of all your comments and will be used in our Plan. If you disagree then now is your chance to say so and, please, explain why?
(Copy and Paste the questionnaire from the Consultation Document and send, as an email attachment, to: memburyplan@gmail.com )
The feedback form is also available here as an MSWord doc. Click here
There are also printed feedback forms available with Sharon in the shop.

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire. (Printable version) Click here

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire. (On-line version) Click here

NP Exhibition June 2014; Responses: Click here

Request for input to the plan. Click here

To contact via email:  memburyplan@gmail.com

Terms of Reference: Rev3.  19 May 2014  Click here

Neighbourhood Plan Update Rev 2-1  Click here

Press Release 15 May 2014  Click here

Meetings of Working Party:
May 9    Minutes
May 14   Minutes
May 28 & 30  Minutes
June 11  Minutes
July 2   Minutes
July 16  Minutes
Aug 6    Minutes
Sept 10  Minutes
Sept 17  Minutes
Sept 24  Minutes
Oct 1      Minutes
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Dec 17   Minutes

April  APM Neighbourhood Plan