Post Office & Stores

Membury Post Office Stores

Membury Post Office and Stores is set within the heart of Membury village.
The community has dubbed it “Membury Meeting Place”. It is run by Sharon
and Jeremy Wallace.

Not only is it a convenience store, selling a wide range of products, but it is also
a, Post Office, Off Licence, Café, and a pub on Friday evenings.

Every effort is made to sell local produce in the store whenever available. Such
locally produced items as bread, cakes, hams, eggs, vegetables, etc.

Membury Post Office StoresThe Friday evening pub has a wide range of wines and spirits and fine local
Otter Ales. Plus an extensive menu of high quality pub grub served in generous
portions. The pub opens at 7pm on a Friday so come along and enjoy the
warm and friendly atmosphere.

Membury Post Office and Stores aim to meet the needs of all who visit.

Contact Tel 01404 881225

Opening hours
Mon 8.30-5pm
Tue 8.30-1pm
Wed 8.30-5pm
Thu 8.30-5pm
Fri 8.30-5pm
Fri 7pm…..
Sat 9.00-1pm